Meditate for a cause this May

Australians are more stressed than ever. Almost three-quarters of Australians, 73%, reported that stress was impacting their wellbeing,  with 17% reporting that stress was having a very significant impact on their physical health. Another startling statistic is that over one billion people in this world live without clean water, with a child dying every 20 seconds from the lack of safe drinking water.

But what if you could tackle these two serious issues together using one simple solution? That is exactly how Mindful in May first came about.

The Australian-based initiative aims to reduce the effects of stress through the proven benefits of meditation, and help bring fresh water to those who need it most.

This month-long meditation campaign is the brain-child of Dr Elise Bialylew, a medical doctor and wellness innovator who has combined her passion for community with her professional expertise in the field of psychiatry, coaching and mindfulness to create Mindful in May.  Dr Elise joins the show to tell us more:

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