Hunger games: The real cost of mass produced food

In their drive for higher profits, big food companies are putting more and more ‘bad-stuff’ into our food without thinking about the long-term health consequences for consumers.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) a lack of essential vitamins and nutrients, which used to be found abundantly in a well-balanced diet, is contributing to a global disease burden.

Studies performed on all kinds of produce – from broccoli, to tomatoes, spinach and even apples – have displayed a reduction in their nutritional value. Year after year of producing higher yields of food to keep up with global demand, has increased the amount of food at our disposal – but at a cost to our health, with fewer nutrients than ever before being consumed.

This phenomenon of nutrient-poor produce has caused millions across the world to become overfed but undernourished. Joanna Tovia joins us today to discuss the unknown health risks associated with the rise of food of convenience.

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