Pet peeves when flying

By Natasha Dragun

Pet peeves when flying

The MiNDFOOD team are on the road a lot, and more often than not our travels involve planes.

Over the years I’ve noticed that people seem to change into different beings when they fly – they lose their manners and common sense, become pushy and loud, and have no consideration for those around them. I generalize, of course, but there are a lot of flyers – may of them frequent flyers – out there who really grate on my nerves.

Here are a couple of the habits I’ve come to despise when flying:

1.    People who don’t wear shoes into the plane bathroom. Really? Most people have terrible hand-eye coordination when they are on flat, stable ground, let along in a moving object. That “water” on the floor is not “water” and you are stepping in it. Even worse – people who wear socks only into the bathroom. Socks on a wet floor = sponge for germs and infection.
2.    While on the topic of toilets, why is it that some people think it’s ok to spend half an hour in there while other people wait outside. Go in, do what you came to do, and exit.
3.    People who feel the need to get up and stroll along the aisles while the flight team are serving a meal. It’s annoying to other passengers to have to jugle trays and food while you get up, and it’s really annoying for the flight staff who have to somehow work out a way to let you past.
4.    I’ve seen many people struggling under the weight of their multiple pieces of hand-held luggage. Besides the fact that I’m not sure how you got that 20-kilo bag of hay past the check-in counter, I’m baffled as to why you think it’s ok to take up multiple overhead bins, forcing other passengers to tuck their bags under the seat in front of them.
5.    For some reason, people lose all sense of personal space when flying. We have to SHARE the armrest (and you don’t get to overhang onto my seat), and that footspace below my chair is my footspace.
6.    There is no need to run to on a plane – if you’re in the waiting room, it’s not going to leave without you. Oh, and while I’m at it – wait until your section is called to board the plane. Rear seats board first for a very good reason, and you boarding at your leisure will just slow the entire boarding process down.
7.    There’s no need to run to get off, either. If you’re in the back row, don’t jump up as soon as the plane touches down and bolt down the aisle. Wait your turn like everyone else.
8.    Maintain your bodily hygiene. Deodorant is a must when you’re flying. That said, don’t maintain your hygiene while you’re flying – put away those toenail clippers!
9.    If you’re sick, don’t fly. The altitude and cabin pressure will make you feel worse; and your coughing and spluttering won’t make you any friends on board.
10. Stinky foods are a no-no. I know you’re hungry, but that durian is going to stink up the entire cabin for the entire duration of the trip.

What are your peeves on planes?


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