Winter Skin Care Tips You Need to Know

Our mood and health aren’t the only things that chilly winter temperatures can have a detrimental impact on. With lower air humidity, harsh environmental elements and almost constant exposure to air conditioning, your complexion could be suffering from its own case of the winter blues. Fortunately, it’s not impossible to restore hydration and luminosity to parched skin. Keep reading to discover the winter skin care tips that will give you the glowing skin of your dreams. 

The 3 Winter Skin Care Tips That Will Change Your Skin

Clean up your routine

If your skin has taken a bit of a beating from the cooler months, the first place to start revamping your skincare routine is to check out your cleansing routine, explains Elizabeth ArdenPRO global director of education, Tracey May Harriott. “The number one tip for going into a new season is to check out your cleansing routine; you always need to look at the condition of your canvas,” says Harriott. If you’re not using the right cleanser for your skin type and the season, further efforts in your routine could become fruitless. “You can’t expect a new serum to work wonders if you don’t take care of your canvas,” she says.

Care for sensitive skin

Environmental changes that come with the arrival and departure of the seasons can play a key role in skin health. And while sensitive skin has many causes, May-Harriott lists environment and sun damage as two of the most common causes. Unhappy, sensitive skin, explains May-Harriott, isn’t generally something we’re born with. “We can all go through periods of sensitivity; it can come and go,” she explains.

“The great thing is though as it is a skin ‘condition’, you can get reduce the sensitivity and watch out for those triggers to maintain this condition in the future.” Exposure to the sun, humidity levels and other environmental factors can all lead to increased skin sensitivity. If your skin does flare up due to seasonal changes the first thing to do says May-Harriott is to pare back the other aspects of your routine and strengthen your skin.

Don’t forget the sunscreen

May-Harriott also stresses that omitting certain products from your routine when the seasons change can also contribute to a host of skin problems too. When it comes to winter skin care tips that really should be followed all-year round, wearing sunscreen each day comes out on top. We all should know by now just how vital sunscreen is in our day-to-day routine and May-Harriott says not wearing one causes more problems than sunburn. “Not wearing a sun protection product can make the skin very sensitive too in warm, sunnier climates,” she explains. “Sometimes it’s not about what to avoid but more about if you don’t use a certain product in your routine you can make the skin more sensitive.”

Not sure if your skin is dry or just dehydrated? Here’s how to tell.

Meghan Markle Wore Le Specs to Wimbledon

When the sun came out at Wimbledon this weekend, Meghan Markle wore Le Specs.

She might be the Duchess with a penchant for high fashion with extravagant price tags, but this weekend at Wimbledon Meghan Markle decided to team her head-to-toe Hugo Boss ensemble with a pair of affordable sunglasses. When the sun came out at the Wimbledon women’s final match, the Duchess of Sussex turned to a simple pair of sunglasses – the Le Specs ‘Bandwagon’.

Meghan Markle Wears Le Specs

The pair of 50s-inspired shades – which are available online right here – retail for just $79.95 in New Zealand. But you’ll have to be quick and get your hands on a pair before they sell out as the Meghan Markle Effect is bound to have an impact on these timeless sunnies.

While Markle looked stunning in a crisp white Hugo Boss shirt and graphic-print skirt, her companion, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, turned heads in a figure-hugging green Dolce & Gabbana number. 

meghan markle wore le specs

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