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Unlikely Animal Friends

Unlikely Animal Friends

Heartwarming footage has been released of two unlikely animals finding friendship after a rough start to life.

Unlikely Animal Friends

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Orphanage has introduced two new members to its mismatched team. Loboito the elephant was recently introduced to the orphanage after being found by rescuers, alone and malnourished – his mother a victim of poaching.

He settled in rather quickly though, forming a fast friendship with his leggy pal, Kiko the giraffe.

The pair reportedly spend all of their time together, even sleeping in the same enclosure.

The partners are still being bottle fed, as they would naturally still be feeding from their mothers in the wild. As such, neither would be alive today if it wasn’t for the guardianship of the loyal orphanage staff.

The park’s Executive Director, Rob Brandford,  told Daily Mail that neither animal “could have survived in the wild without their mother’s milk”

“Loboito follows Kiko everywhere he goes and particularly enjoys spending time beneath Kiko’s legs and belly.

“They are being given specialist care until they are old enough to be reintegrated back into the wild.

“Our dedicated team of keepers substitute for the orphans’ families and are with the babies 24 hours a day – even sleeping alongside them in their stable at night.”

The three-week-old elephant and the one-month-old giraffe will spend their lives being watched under careful eyes, until they are ready to be transported back into their natural habitats.

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One Comment on Unlikely Animal Friends

  • Soul2
    November 1, 2015 10:00 am

    I see a starving world, humans craving for the interaction with wildlife animals and ocean creatures. It is wonderful to hear beautiful stories about mankind who rescue, aid and sincerely love animals

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