The Style List: 4 Things We Love This Week

The STYLE teams round up what to buy, listen to, and do this week.

I have used Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair before, but never thought I felt or saw a difference. One night, yes ONE NIGHT, after using the new reformulation, I noticed a difference. My skin is softer, plumper, more hydrated and even. I have been using the product for a few weeks now and am still loving it. I didn’t take anything out of my normal night routine, but added in ANR. If you are looking for a product to add some luminosity to your skin post-winter, I would 100% recommend the Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex!

Lillian McHugh, Integration Director

Image: Sarah Weber Photographer

Recently I broke out of the usual weekend routine and tried something new by spending a morning on the high ropes at Adrenalin Forest in Bombay, 40 minutes drive from the centre of Auckland. It was so much fun! Sadly, I got stuck behind a man with a crippling fear of heights for rather a long time, which slowed me down somewhat, but apart from that hiccup I had a great time. The aerial courses are made up of various obstacles including bridges, swings and flying foxes, all suspended amongst the tree-tops. While I perhaps wouldn’t recommend this activity to acrophobes, or to anyone suffering from a bad hangover, it’s a great way to fit some fitness into your weekend and to have fun doing it.

Ashley Wallace, Staff Writer

I’m a huge fan of Heavyweight’s Jonathan Goldstein (if you haven’t listened to Heavyweight, you should) so I was happy to discover an old radio series of his that has been re-released as a podcast. Described as a “podcast before podcasts were a thing”, WireTap first aired in 2004 and is a wonderfully eclectic collection of phone conversations with Goldstein’s eccentric family, funny and offbeat monologues and fascinating short stories. If you like podcasts like This American Life, you’ll enjoy WireTap. Also give their goodbye video ‘How To Age Gracefully’ a watch, it’ll brighten your day.

Kathryn Chung, Staff Writer


I don’t typically gravitate towards florals and particularly rose scents, but Aesop Rōzu has a smoky, metallic quality underpinning its greenery and its heady rose-bouquet which, altogether, is supposed to replicate the life-cycle of the rose from first shoots, to full-bloom, to decomposition. The result is as interesting as it sounds. Definitely worth a go if you like your feminine fragrances with a bit of grunt and intrigue.

Phoebe Watt, Managing Editor

You Can Now Sew Liam Clothes at Home Using the Label’s New Patterns Collection

In a Kiwi fashion first, beloved local label Liam has launched an exciting new collection consisting entirely of patterns.

Liam Patterns has debuted with a launch named What Have I Got?, allowing you to sew stunning and timeless Liam designs at home.


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The full collection comes after RUBY’s first pattern launch over lockdown, when general manager and Liam designer Emily Miller-Sharma hosted Zoom sewing and pattern-making classes.

Miller-Sharma believes making things from scratch “gives so much to people” and can help to promote wellness.

“There is a slowness in the very internal process that goes on when you make things with your hands that can be a powerful tool for wellness,” she says.

“It also shows us, quite viscerally, just how talented the people who make our clothes are, empowering and humanising these highly-skilled machinists in a way that words on a page can’t.

“There is such joy in being able to pass a skill on to another person, and a great way to give a loved one something enduring.”


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All fibre used to make the pattern paper is waste from, or the byproduct of, sawn timber production from Radiata Pine forests in the North Island. The same goes for the envelopes the patterns come in.

The finished product is FSC Certified and 100% recyclable, although hopefully you’ll use the patterns many times over!

Plus, Liam has created a variety of free downloadable pdf patterns for using up extra fabric or offcuts from the making process.

The samples are made from fabric that was already lying around the RUBY workroom, and they were styled with already-existing pieces.

The collection is available in store and online from this Friday.