The must-try hairstyle everyone is asking for right now

The shag is the most influential hair style this year.

The seventies-influenced ‘do with its softly feathered curtain fringe and flicky layers that can veer well into mullet territory, is the hottest hair to have right now.

From those pondering a change by pinning images of ‘Wolf cut’ on Pinterest – that’s the version that’s a little longer at the back, with tapered layers that are dishevelled and wild – to colourists doubling down on trends by combining it with a strawberry-peach hue that’s also wildly popular everywhere, and it’s clear the shag hairstyle is sticking around.

At the top of the year hairstylist Michael Beel, of Buoy Salon in Wellington was tipping it would be a ‘thing’ encouraging us all to choose “Hair that embraces movement” as it would be the biggest trend this year.

“Getting your hairdresser to add some more layers into your hair with a nod to an 80’s ‘shag’ is going to encourage any natural movement and texture to happen,” he advised.

Then there’s the little matter of Billie Eilish revealing the one of the most dramatic hair switcheroos of recent memory, when she unveiled her bleach blonde shag hairstyle on Instagram in March.

The singer achieved the honour of reaching 1 million likes in the fastest time ever on the social media platform – something she achieved again with her cover of Vogue a few weeks later.

Other celebrities – think Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, et al – have taken the approach even further, veering well into mullet territory, but we’re into it! The shag however, remains the more versatile option, likely why it’s become so popular right now.

Think you might be open to considering some extra layers?

Let us provide you with compelling evidence on why it’s a great idea. All there is to do is hit ‘save’ and show your stylist next time you’re in the salon.



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La Mer marks World Oceans Day with ongoing commitment to marine conservation

With the ocean at its heart, La Mer commits to marine conservation.

Given we inhabit islands surrounded by thousands of kilometres of coastlines, most of us have grown up with a close relationship to the sea. We turn to it continually for exercise, enjoyment and sustenance – not to mention in admiration of its stunning scenery! A vital link for all of us, it’s a life source that impacts the weather, climate and even our economy, so protecting it has always been part of our DNA.

Similarly, luxury skincare brand La Mer has always recognised the fundamental role of the sea to our existence and as the genesis of its transformative skincare: La Mer literally means ‘The Sea’ in French.

As such, it has long been a champion of celebrating and safeguarding its beauty and bounty now, and for generations to come.

You might be more familiar with the results its iconic moisturisers, including Crème de la Mer, deliver to skin – hello, plump, glowy complexion! But did you know that its hero status began with a special ingredient sourced from beneath the shimmering depths?

It’s part of the reason La Mer is again marking World Oceans Day on the 8th of June, reaffirming its commitment to ocean conservation through its  La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund and celebrating the arrival of an annual limited edition product that raises awareness for the significant initiative.

This action – along with the small steps each of us can make to further benefit the health of our oceans – is becoming ever more critical in the face of increasing pollution and the impacts of climate change.

Commitment to conservation

La Mer has long contributed to conservation efforts, having donated US$5.7 million over 15 years and helped support the protection of 16 million miles of unique marine habitats across the globe.

In 2017 it formalised this commitment with the establishment of the La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund which has since backed projects in The Azores, Grenada, and the East China sea and the planting of 30,000 mangroves in the Caribbean.

The fund also works with ambassadors including environmentalist, explorer, and filmmaker, Philippe Cousteau, marine biologist and policy expert Dr Ayana Johnson and wildlife photojournalist Thomas Peschak to help spread the word about current challenges and investigate ideas that will have a positive impact.

Every level of the company is involved, with La Mer employees participating in regular beach clean ups as part of its commitment.

This year the focus of the Blue Heart Ocean Fund is to support organisations that educate and empower young people to become a force for change in their local communities.

Skincare sourced from the sea

From day one, La Mer has considered the sea its muse.

The brand was established when aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber discovered the healing properties of sea kelp, or more specifically, a uniquely fermented concoction of the prolific kelp that is abundant in the waters near where he lived in San Diego.

Huber had sustained a chemical burn in a lab experiment and spent a number of years combining the kelp with other natural ingredients fermented into a concentrated formula. Reportedly trying around 6000 versions, he finally landed on one that significantly improved the look of his skin. What’s more, he used his science and physics background to deduce that exposing the formula to light and sound energy improved its results.

Referred to as ‘Miracle Broth’, La Mer has remained faithful to that formula in the decades since, the broth now created using kelp sourced off the coast of Vancouver that is hand-harvested (above) to protect its sustainability.

Each time a new broth is made, a small amount from the previous batch is used, creating a continuous link to the original and infusing each and every product in the brand’s skin-nourishing line up.

Blue Heart Crème de la Mer


Each June, the iconic Crème de la Mer gets a limited edition makeover to acknowledge the precious beauty of our oceans and what we stand to lose, should they be further impacted.

This year’s Blue Heart Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream features delicate and bright pointillist coral illustrations adorning a deep blue tub, a vivid departure from the moisturiser’s usual minimalist white packaging.

The rich, velvety face cream is a great addition to skincare routines at this time of year, when the cold can tax the protective barrier of our skin and a richer moisturiser can replenish essential hydration.

The limited edition is available to purchase now, while stocks last.