The coronavirus’ dramatic effect on interior design

It might seem a little presumptuous to compile a “what to look for in 2021 interior design” piece, as 2020 itself is barely half over.

But what a half-year it’s been. Spending months in quarantine has already dramatically impacted design, with new trends that will undoubtedly continue to resonate well into 2021 and beyond.

Bringing nature inside

One of the foremost decorative themes that burbled away in the first half of the year and is almost guaranteed to explode in the near future, is the art of bringing the outdoors inside.

Nature-starved homeowners have been craving what they’ve been denied of late, so expect to see an increased number of plants and lush indoor gardens, earth-toned color schemes, outdoor-style interior flooring, and even the occasional attached greenhouse.

Organic curves

For the bigger picture, all this additional warmth and texture will also affect furniture choices — not to mention the overall vibe of the home itself.

Stark, straight lines, monochromatic color schemes and cold minimalism are marching out. In their stead, whimsical textures, organic curves and interesting color schemes are dominating current design trends.

Weave’s Winter 2020 collection is the perfect example of this, blending rich ochres, mustards and slate greys with deep emeralds and beautiful blush.

Clever ideas for small spaces

Of course, it’s easier to bring the outside in when you live in a light-filled single family home in a sunny part of the world, as opposed to a small apartment in a dense urban city.

However, certain design choices can help make cramped residential circumstances feel less claustrophobic and — dare we say — altogether creative.

Take a look at these clever ideas for compact living. 

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Home tour: Australian coastal home in Blue Lagoon beach

With the use of carefully selected quality building materials and a strong design vision, Kyal and Kara have created a beautiful beachside sanctuary, designed to last a lifetime.

Expert renovators Kyal and Kara Demmrich have wrapped up their latest project – a three-bedroom family home and studio just metres from Blue Lagoon beach on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

Photo credit: Kyal & Kara – Blue Lagoon. CSR Gyprock

Curved lines and organic forms are a feature of the home starting with the round pavers out front. “The curved features continue inside with arched doorways, rounded walls and a showstopper curved Helical Stairs made smooth with Gyprock plaster compounds, taking centre stage in the living room,” says Kara.

Photo credit: Kyal & Kara – Blue Lagoon. CSR Gyprock

An open-plan kitchen, living and dining area is the true heart of the home, perfect for a family that enjoys entertaining.

One of the couples’ favourite rooms is the master bedroom and there are a few key features that make it special. “Throughout the home, we’ve used curves as a design element,” says Kyal, “and we wanted to do the same and add that architectural feature in the master bedroom.”

Photo credit: Kyal & Kara – Blue Lagoon. CSR Gyprock

The curved wall that leads from the entrance of the bedroom around to the walk-in robe is a stand out feature and really softens the look of the space, and feels luxurious.

“Gyprock Flexible was the perfect plasterboard to see our vision come to life. Versatile and easy to install, the thinner-than-usual boards can be layered on top of one another to create unique shapes whilst maintaining strength,” adds Kyal.

Photo credit: Kyal & Kara – Blue Lagoon. CSR Gyprock

The ensuite bathroom is a great example of using varying textures with similar colour tones to create a room that’s interesting.

Photo credit: Kyal & Kara – Blue Lagoon. CSR Gyprock

The guest studio offers a retreat for family visits and guest accommodation and also acts as a way to create a ‘villa’ style yard for the main house, creating plenty of privacy from the front.

Photo credit: Kyal & Kara – Blue Lagoon. CSR Gyprock

The crowning glory of the home is the outdoor entertaining space featuring a gorgeous mosaic-tiled pool, alongside lush greenery and a stunning stone wall.

Photo credit: Kyal & Kara – Blue Lagoon. CSR Gyprock