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The benefits of body cleansing during the festive season

The benefits of body cleansing during the festive season

The benefits of body cleansing during the festive season

The festive season is often accompanied by the overindulgence of food and alcoholic beverages, lack of sleep and less focus on exercise, meal prep or health in general. Doing a Cleanse during this period holds many benefits.

Here’s some advice on how to go about it before Christmas and into the New Year:

Before Christmas

  • You will detox more efficiently: Our detox organs are already working in overdrive processing toxins from our environment as many people suffer from a sluggish, inflamed or fatty liver and poor bowel health. Cleansing in the leadup to the festive activities will make your body better equipped to cope with the excess alcohol and rich food.
  • You’ll make healthier choices: Doing a cleanse gives you a little reset and motivates you towards leading a healthier lifestyle. Cleansing before Christmas will make you more likely to make healthier choices over the Christmas break, perhaps turning down the second portion of cheesecake. Doing so will mean that you may be less likely to gain Christmas kilos.
  • Feel better: The leadup to Christmas can be pretty frantic, trying to meet work deadlines, catching up with relatives and Xmas shopping. This may cause you to feel run down and fatigued and in less than ideal health for the main Christmas events. Cleansing can help to reset your system by flooding your body with nutrients, to help you feel better.

After New Years

  • Lose the festive weight gain: It is not uncommon to gain a little weight over the Christmas period with all the extra socialising that goes on. Doing a Cleanse after Christmas will clean up your diet and support your liver to promote fat burning.
  • Repair damage: Overindulging in alcohol and inflammatory foods can contribute to inflammation in the body. Doing a Cleanse helps to reduce inflammation and repair intestinal and liver cells.
  • Kick start your new year: We all have new years resolutions of leading a healthier lifestyle and doing a Cleanse is a great way to start that process. It will give your entire body a spring clean, leaving you feeling healthier and setting you up with healthy eating habits.
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