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10 fun ways to enjoy more peanut butter in your diet

10 fun ways to enjoy more peanut butter in your diet

Peanut butter is a wholesome and delicious snack, and there are so many great ways to enjoy the smooth or crunchy spread, other than over a slice of breakfast toast.

10 fun ways to enjoy more peanut butter in your diet

After dispelling some of the misconceptions about our favourite spread, here are a few novel ways to enjoy peanut butter – jam-packed full of good stuff to help promote your health and wellbeing – that will leave your mouth watering.

  1. Add to a scoop of banana ice cream.
  2. Mix with plain Greek yoghurt… don’t knock it ‘til you try it!
  3. Add a spoonful or two to your pancake batter.
  4. Add a dollop to your morning porridge.
  5. Melt a few scoops in the microwave and pour it over you salty popcorn – yum!
  6. Incorporate peanut butter in your favourite bliss ball recipe.
  7. Spoon a dollop into your pre- or post-workout smoothie.
  8. Enjoy it with a salad? Yes! You can make a yummy salad dressing by combining peanut butter with sugar, soy sauce and rice vinegar.
  9. Mix with your stir fry for a delicious nutty flavour and an added protein boost.
  10. Spread it on sliced banana and sprinkle with desiccated coconut, and then freeze for a tasty dessert.
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