Say Hello to the Allbirds Wool Piper

If a new pair of sneakers is top of the must-have list for spring: meet the latest addition to the Allbirds family, the Allbirds Wool Piper.

The Wool Piper  – a twist on the classic cup-sole shoe – puts Allbirds’ signature upper made from sustainably sourced Merino wool front and centre, replacing the high-polluting leather typically used in this silhouette.

The end result is a comfortable sneaker that looks great without sacrificing the environment.

Allbirds Wool Piper

The Allbirds Wool Piper is available in-store and online now.


Express yourself with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip

The very best of the design and technology worlds collide to bring us one of the year’s most sought-after devices, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip. Not only is this one-of-a-kind device packed with cutting-edge technology, it’s undeniably stylish, too.

Long gone are the days of a smartphone being just a cellphone with a few additional apps to make our lives easier. Today, we expect our devices to do it all. Not only that – we want them to look good while they’re doing it. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip not only ticks all the boxes as far as its technology is concerned – harnessing cutting-edge innovation that allows the user to push boundaries like nothing else – this sleek device is upping the game in terms of both clever design and good looks, too.

First of all, forget rearranging your favourite pint-sized purse to get your device and belongings to fit. When closed, the clever Galaxy Z Flip fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, your pocket or that mini handbag. When opened, the Galaxy Z Flip transforms once again with the screen nearly doubling in size to reveal the stunning 6.7-inch display.

Charming looks aside, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has been built with our modern, on-the-go lifestyles in mind. This translates to more freedom and accessibility than ever before, with the unique foldable Galaxy Z Flip experience allowing you to capture content and express yourself from various angles. And, of course, there’s the state-of-the-art camera that facilitates everything from timed group shots to crystal-clear night-time content. The device’s unique flex technology even enables hands-free snapping, making it easier than ever to shoot what you need for your social feed, right when you need it. And, thanks to real-time alerts that push through notifications regardless of whether the device is open or folded, you’ll never miss an important message, phone call, email or social media update again.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is available now from

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