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Refresh your appearance

Refresh your appearance

Curious about cosmetic injectables? Caci clinical director Brandy Wehinger offers advice on how to incorporate them into your skin health routine.

Refresh your appearance

Cosmetic injectables are no longer the taboo topic they once were, but that hasn’t always been the case. “The social factors influencing what is taboo or not can be very complex,” says Brandy Wehinger, clinical director at Caci. Unfortunately, in the past, the media has focused on extremes when it comes to ‘work’ celebrities have had done, explains Wehinger. “It can make people wary and less likely to share their results,” she says.

But times are changing and with more of us wanting luminous, resilient skin, many are curious about cosmetic injectables and the role they can play in our approach to skincare. Wehinger believes that Kiwis are all for embracing self-care and taking steps to feel more confident in their skin. “This isn’t about vanity,” she says. “If the way you look on the outside matches how you feel on the inside, you are likely to be more confident.”

At Caci, Wehinger explains that the team takes a bespoke approach to work out how skin treatments and cosmetic injectables will benefit the individual. “There are customers who only want their frown lines treated because they feel these make them look grumpy when they are actually happy. Some just want to look like a fresher version of themselves. Then there are those who want to do everything,” she explains. “We work with each person as an individual and help create a plan that works for them and their concerns or goals.”

While results will vary from person to person, Wehinger says there are a handful of common results that will be seen with cosmetic injectables. “Cosmetic injectables can soften lines and wrinkles, can help aesthetically balance some features, can replace a degree of volume loss in the face, tighten the skin and improve skin quality,” she explains.

As for Kiwi women, having glowing skin is the common goal. “Today, there are new ways to achieve this,” Wehinger says. “But new is not always necessarily better. At Caci, we have been taking care of New Zealanders’ skin for over 26 years, we know what concerns Kiwis have and have built our personalised treatments specifically around getting the best results.” According to Wehinger, this is often a combination of tried-and- true treatments, new techniques and the latest in skincare.

“More people are getting serious about their skincare regime, the ingredients in the products they use, and are looking for ways to restore or maintain great skin. So many of our customers
at Caci say their goal is to feel beautiful without makeup in their day-to-day lives,” she explains. Where cosmetic injectables are concerned, Wehinger says facial sculpting – namely jawline definition and cheeks – is on the rise. “Customers want to make enhancements that look great, last a long time and give them a refreshed appearance.”


If you’re still feeling a little nervous about taking that first step towards finding out more about cosmetic injectables and how they can benefit your skin and appearance, Wehinger has some advice: start with a thorough consultation with one of Caci’s experts. “Consultations aren’t scary. The treatment provider is there for you,” she says. “They will talk about your goals and then make treatment recommendations and provide information.” Wehinger says there’s no need to feel uncomfortable discussing what you hope to achieve with your treatment plan either. “Treatment providers understand that it can be difficult talking about your worries and they will be very supportive and hopefully put you at ease,” she says. “Remember that the person you have a consultation with will be passionate about helping you and making you feel comfortable.”

Wehinger says a consultation at Caci will start when you are greeted in the clinic and then asked to fill out a medical form and some details about yourself. “Then one of our expert team will talk with you about your goals and then recommend options. You can ask questions, ask about prices and anything else you want! We’re here for you.”


If you’ve booked a consultation at your nearest Caci and are wondering what to ask, here are Wehinger’s top suggestions:

  • What treatments are available that will target my concerns?
  • How do they work and what will the experience be like?
  • What are the expectations of the treatment?
  • What products are going to be used?
  • Who will be doing the treatments and are they qualified to do so?

Visit or phone 0800 458 458 to book a consultation at your nearest clinic.


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