Our Favourite Pieces from the Studio Italia Sale

Those looking to revamp their home in time for summer will be pleased to hear Studio Italia is having a sale that’s not to be missed.

From 7-21 November, you’ll have the chance to pick up some spectacular Italian designer pieces at a discount, with all of the store’s fabulous furniture to be reduced in the highly-anticipated annual sale.

And with Studio Italia exclusively representing a number of leading Italian design brands, it’s the best place to find furniture created with the expert craftsmanship we’ve come to expect from Italian furniture.

Here are some of the items we’ve added to our shopping list.

10 Dreamy Master Bedroom Ideas to Inspire You in 2020

Take a look at these master bedroom ideas to create your ultimate modern sanctuary.

It’s where we spend up to a third of our life, so it’s important that the master bedroom is a place you love. If your bedroom is nothing more than a dumping ground for dirty laundry, unread books and grubby shoes it may be time to look to the 2020 Australian Interior Design Award winners for some design inspiration.

Fearless colour

There’s so much going on in this bedroom that we love, from the soft floating curtains to the pop of orange, and don’t get us started on those oceanic walls and flooring, and puffy cloud of a bed.

Interior Designer Chelsea Hing is well known for her fearless use of colour that is totally liveable, and here she has certainly created the perfect space to dream in.

ORCHARD HOUSE by Chelsea Hing Photography Rhiannon-Taylor

Elements of love

As it’s the first thing you see in the morning, and the last thing you see at night your master bedroom should always be filled with the things you love. Jade House by Swee Design features an eclectic mix of patterns, colours and textures in the bedroom which has evolved from a hybrid of cultures and styles of the owners.

JADE HOUSE by Swee Design Photography Shannon McGrath

The perfect lighting

When looking at master bedroom ideas, lighting is a big player. It is so important in the bedroom, from mood lighting to task lighting to “turn on the LEDs, I’ve dropped my earring”, lighting provides the convenience and mood to do whatever needs to be done, whether it’s curling up on that gorgeous chair with a book, or setting the mood with those amazing pendants.

JJA HOUSE by In Design International Photography Damien Kook

The artist touch

If you are renting, or looking for a quick way to refresh your master bedroom, start with art. Art in the bedroom can be as personal as you want, and it’s a good idea to choose a piece that makes you feel good, really appeals to you or sparks a positive memory.

Go with art that’s soothing or calming, and avoid pieces that are overstimulating or depressing.

COASTAL HOME by Decus Interiors Photography Anson Smart

Textures of comfort

One of the most influential and versatile design elements in bedroom is the bed linen. As well as being functional, bed linen also impacts the comfort level, ambience and style of the room. A quick and easy update is to mix old and new linen, with varying textures, colours and patterns to keep your room looking fresh.

Good quality linen can be expensive so if you purchase this in a neutral colour, you can mix up your styling with different cushion covers and throws.

BRIGHTON RESIDENCE by GOLDEN Photography Sharyn Cairns

Small colour accents

Adding an accent colour, likes this soothing blue, is a great way to soften a neutral colour palette. Colour can be added in simple ways such as a scatter cushion, throw rug, lamp or chair. Then when you feel like a change, they are easy to replace.

PENTHOUSE APARTMENT, MILLERS POINT by Studio Barbara, Architecture & Interiors Photography Anson Smart

Cosy spaces

If space allows, a comforting reading nook provides the perfect space to relax (and saves you messing up the bed). While a cosy chair and reading light is all you need, if space allows a box seat is or a “bump out” seat always looks great, and can also provide some additional storage.

POINT PIPER TRANQUILITY by Brendan Wong Design Photography Felix Forest

A statement bed

A statement bed can define your bedroom and highlight your style. As it is an investment don’t be swayed by trends, instead choose pieces that define your own style.

When selecting your bed you will need to consider the size of your room, whether or not you need extra storage room (eg blanket boxes under the bed) and also if there are any architectural features that may impact your choice, from example exposed beams or ceiling fans.

ART HOUSE by Studio CD Photography Anson Smart

Layer up

Add a bedroom rug to create an island of cosiness and a soft and warm place to step out of bed. A rug can also make a bedroom look bigger than it is. When placing the rug in the bedroom you want a rug that fits under the bed, and extends on either side of the bed. Unlike carpet, you don’t want it to sit hard up against the wall, instead you just want it to enhance an area.

TREE HOUSE by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects Photography Anson Smart

Luxurious panels

Another one of the master bedroom ideas we love? Upholstered wall panels look luxurious and add to the comfort level of your bedroom to enhance a good night’s sleep. They come in various shape, sizes, colours and patterns, but look great if they fill the width of the room behind the bed.

ST KILDA ROAD PENTHOUSE by GOLDEN Photography Sharyn Cairns

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