The One Product You Should Never Put in Your Hair

There’s one product you should never put in your hair. Find out what it is and why you should keep it away from your tresses below. 

The smell of fresh, clean hair is intoxicating. Catching a whiff of your favourite fruity shampoo infused into your strands can make you feel like you’ve escaped to the tropics. And while it might be tempting to spritz your hair with a hint of your favourite fragrance every once in a while,  it turns out that spraying perfume through your tresses won’t help you get the healthy, lustrous locks of your dreams. 

Although a subtle spritz of a light and uplifting scent on your locks sounds like a quick way to freshen up your hair, it turns out that perfume is the one product you should never put in your hair.

There is a reason for this madness and it’s a simple one: perfume contains alcohol. Alcohol is very drying for hair, leaving it brittle to the touch and much more likely to suffer from breakage. So if you want to avoid hair that feels like hay, don’t spritz your hair next time you’re applying perfume.

For something just as sweet and much better for your hair, try a hair mist. They’re still perfumed but the alcohol content is much lower. So you can spray away! Bonus: because hair is so good at holding onto smell, your mist will last for ages so there’s no need to keep topping it up throughout the day.

Take a look at some of our favourite hair mists, below.

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How to Shape Your Eyebrows

Not sure how to shape your eyebrows? We’ve rounded up our favourite tips and tricks.

Bold, natural brows are well and truly here to stay. And while that means we’re rather ecstatic about the fact the barely there brows that dominated the 90s are not making a comeback any time soon, it has left us wondering about the best ways to shape and style our brows. To make things easier we’ve rounded up what you need to know about how to shape your brows. 

Long Distance is Overrated

A lot of people take their brows too far apart, making the eyes look smaller, and nose look wider, throwing off the balance of the face. As a general rule, the head (AKA where the brow begins) of your eyebrows should line up with the outside of the nostrils. If you’ve over-plucked in the past, resulting in brows that look like they miss each other, a good thing to do is to leave them to grow back again and then reshape them once you’ve got something to work with.

Growing tip: apply a little castor oil on your brows each night to help them to grow. It contains fatty acids that moisturise existing hairs, while also triggering the growth of dormant follicles, giving your brows a bit of a growth kick.

Arch Placement

Another key brow tip is making sure your arch is in the right place. If your arch is too far in, your face and eyes can look rounder, which emphasises dark circles under your eyes. To avoid this, perhaps consider getting your brows professionally mapped so you can find out where the start, arch, and end of your brow should sit. After that, you should have a great template to work with to make sure you get your brows right every time.

Choose the Right Colour

When thinking about how to shape your eyebrows, colouring your brows can be the cherry on top, but only if the colour is a good match. Just because you have brown hair doesn’t mean you have to buy a brown eyebrow pencil. In fact, experts recommend buying a brow product that a shade or two lighter than your actual hair colour, to create a more natural look.

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