Most-wanted new season hair looks and the products that make them easy

It’s fair to say the slight improvement in the weather has provided a much-needed mood boost recently. We’ve been merrily selecting breezy summer dresses and adding sandals to our online shopping carts with abandon, but one thing we have overlooked a little is how to change up our hair to suit. 

With plenty of time spent at home and less in the salon recently, this season is likely to be more about styling tweaks than a huge image overhaul, so it’s worth considering easy ways to switch up our hair to look fresh and modern without too much effort. 

Thankfully most people around the world have been in the same boat and stylists and hair experts have been happy to oblige with desirable summer styling inspo. 

Curtain bangs here, a bit of layering there and the right styling products to make the most of your ‘do, and the summer living will be easy.   



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Not exactly reinventing the wheel, but long and smooth or gently tousled waves remain firmly on top of the ‘most-desirable list. Key to the look? Healthy, hydrated and nourished locks that will hold a style and impart beautiful shine without dropping or being overwhelmed with frizz and flyaways. What also can’t hurt? Adding a so-now copper hue to your salon wish-list. 

Key product to try: A styling MVP for summer when warm and moist air is the enemy of defined waves or curls, Joico’s Humdity Blocker Plus protective finishing spay is a godsend for helping defend your do from being destroyed by the weather. The all-rounder spray delivers a touch of bit of hold, shine, and protection against pollution as well as reducing static. It wont make hair feel crisp and crunchy so it’s great for more relaxed styled too.



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Of course, with lockdowns impacting our 2021, when we can get out and see friends, going all out with a little glam can be incredible appealing after weeks in sweatpants and slippers! The perfect way to feel put-together? A smooth, voluminous blow dry!

Key product to try: Prepping hair with Joico’s Dream Blowout thermal protection crème will not only protect the health of your hair from the heat of styling tools up to 232degC, it will also add longevity to your style. Strands remain soft and smooth – see ya later breakage! – regardless of your daily obsession with the dryer, your styling routine will be fasted and your style wont drop or frizz when it encounters humidity either.



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There’s something so chic about a sheet of glassy, pin-straight hair, even more-so right now when worn in a bob.  This season to underline the demand for a smooth sleek look there have been a plethora of updated styling tools landing in stores including new straighteners and smoothing blow-dryers and attachments.

Key product to try: With this look it’s generally necessary to rely on heated tools, if not every day, then fairly regularly. It means strands can quickly get dry and fried, losing their sheen and letting your look down. To prevent this from happening, Joico’s Heat Hero Glossing Thermal Protector delivers protective armor than defends against damage from heat up to 232degC. Thanks to heat-deflecting polymers and Moringa Seed oil, a rich source of antioxidants, hair stays strong and healthy and what’s more, split ends are minimised for a perfect glossy finish.



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Tell me you’ve been to the beach without telling me…. it’s the perfectly mussed salty strands right? Except actual salt water is pretty drying, so it’s a better idea to use a product that gives that weightless, texturised – and yes, very sexy – look without any damage. The great news is, this look it perfect on any length hair and looks just as good when you’re re-styling a sleek bob to a wavy one as it does on long tumbling tresses.

Key product to try: It’s kind of genius the way shaking Joico’s Beach Shake Texturising Finisher spray before applying mixes the perfect blend of beeswax, for gentle separation without frizz, and coconut and sunflower seed oils for nourishment and moisture. Despite the natural oils it wont weigh hair down or make it slippery so your hair looks cool and casual but stays that way without sliding into lank or oily territory.



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Gotten used to wearing your natural texture and have no desire to battle it each day with styling processes? We can relate! Soft ‘undone’ looks are also major right now and more brands are addressing the approach with ‘air-dry’ styling products. It means you can style your hair in seconds and elevate your natural curl or texture with little effort required.

Key product to try: Work a small amount of Joico’s Zero Heat Air Dry Styling Creme through towel-dried hair and then scrunch and twist to enhance texture. No need to do anything else! The product has flexible polymers that retain the shape of your style and rosehip oil that is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and omega acids for protection and nourishment. Zero heat comes in two different formulas, one for thick hair and one for fine/medium hair, so it wont weigh down that beautiful curl and movement.



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Braids of all sizes are always popular, but right now it’s styles at both end of the size spectrum turning up everywhere. Tiny single brands at each side of the face are popular with the likes of Hailey Beiber and Olivia Rodrigo while jumbo, texturised styles are great for thick hair. The common denominator? Each works best on hair that’s not freshly washed. Dry shampoo has always been great for disguising excess oil in your hair on day two or three after washing and that’s certainly useful here, but if you do want to start with clean hair, spraying a touch of dry shampoo into your locks will give it much needed grip to hold onto a braid for longer. The added upside? Washing your hair less often will help any colour to last longer and stay vibrant.

Key product to try:  Joico’s Weekend Hair Dry Shampoo is a lightweight formula that cleans hair without water, quickly mopping up oil and has a gentle fragrance that refreshes without being overwhelming. Just spritz through your roots and tousle a bit with fingers. Before you braid, spray a little through the lengths for light hold and texture. 

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How to look less tired with makeup

“You look tired”: It’s a sympathetic comment that’s rarely well received, whether it’s true or not!

If you find yourself offering the same statement to the mirror, there are ways to remedy the situation swiftly. That is, hydration, luminosity and colour in all areas. Seek out formulas that add extra moisture and look lush too: anything too matte or powdery will only accentuate dry, drawn skin.  

Start with skincare

L-R: Clinique Moisture Surge moisturiser; Omorovicza Rose Quartz Facial Roller; Bobbi Brown Corrector; Hourglass Lash Curler

Kate Moss once announced she fills a sink with water and ice cubes and starts each day by plunging her face right in, saying “it instantly reduces puffiness and tightens up your skin.”

Not so game? Try a simple cleanse and rinse with the coldest water you can manage. 

Facial massage tools like stone facial rollers are wildly popular and a good solution for tired skin, especially if stored in the refrigerator. They help to ease puffiness by encouraging lymphatic drainage, as well as boosting blood circulation to bring back healthy-looking colour to your skin. If you’re too short on time for that, try a firm massage with fingers as you apply a gel moisturiser – preferably filled with hyaluronic acid or glycerin – quick effective moisture-binding ingredients and plump out fine lines and leave a dewy looking glow.

To further eliminate puffiness around the eyes caused by fluid retention, apply an eye cream designed for morning use. Scan the ingredients list for caffeine, an ingredient that’ll boost circulation and constrict blood vessels in the area making it look tighter and brighter. 

Wake-up makeup

L-R: NARS Blush in Orgasm; YSL Touche Eclat High Cover Radiant Concealer; Lancôme L’Absolu Mademoiselle Shine Lipstick; Lancôme Hypnose Mascara; Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer Illuminating.

Feeling stressed, constantly under the pump or not getting enough sleep can quickly drain your desirable glow and radiance, resulting in unwelcome ashy or grey tones just beneath the skin. 

Quickly cancel out the deep or sallow shadows under eyes by tapping a colour corrector (similar to a dense tinted concealer, but with specific brightening pigments) into skin, using the warmth of your fingertips to blend it seamlessly. 

You can then add dewy radiance quickly by using an illuminating primer and foundation with radiant moisturizing properties. 

Don’t be tempted to reach for industrial strength coverage – it’ll only cling to imperfections. Instead use a light hand and  blend your base from the centre of the face outwards, or simply opt for a bit of brightening concealer, just where required. It looks more relaxed and healthy than a full face that may only accentuate dryness and lines. 

Next, go for a pop of pink or peach on cheeks and lips which will mimic healthy vigour.

“Cream based colours always look fresh, says Lara Srokowski, Director of Artistry for Lancôme Australia. “A lot of people get confused about which blush colour to wear with which lip. A good tip is to get a little bit of lipstick, mix it in a little bit of illuminator on the back of your hand, and use to pat into cheeks. It looks really glowy and it’s quick.”

Running a nude or white liner on the inner rims of your eyes will help counteract redness and make eyes appear larger. 

Finally, squeeze lashes with an eyelash curler – lifted lashes will open your eyes up beautifully – and slick on some lengthening mascara. For a lasting curl, give a metal eyelash curler a quick blast with a hairdryer to heat it before using, just make sure it’s not too hot!

Longer term options

When you can get to the salon, talk to a hairstylist about lightning up your colour or adding in some flattering dimension. 

Often reapplication of single-tone box dye can mean over time your hair ends up much darker than it originally was, particularly if you’re committed to cancelling out greys. That heavy colour won’t reflect light onto your face – instead it can make you look drawn. 

Hair techniques that slowly lighten your colour overall, or blend a few natural-looking highlights around the face can look more flattering and you may find you want to wear less makeup afterwards. Semi-permanent hair dyes with radiant tones can help lift your look without making a long-term change.

Dr. Ellen Selkon, Director of aesthetic medicine specialists Clinic 42 says dark circles and hollowing under the eyes can be improved with modern treatments, but given the delicate area and vein network they require significant expertise and consideration. 

“Dark circles can be hereditary or caused by aging and can be one of the most difficult things to treat. In some cases it’s possible to place a thin layer of a specific dermal filler under the muscle in the under-eye area to camouflage this darkness. But this is where a good eye cream containing vitamin A can perform wonders over time, thickening the skin and therefore reducing those circles.”

A good regular nightly skincare routine, including a deep cleanse, serum and moisturiser will also pay dividends in the mornings, but requires time that could be spent sleeping – also essential to waking up looking rested!