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Lorde happy to be an ‘elder statesman’ at 24

Lorde happy to be an ‘elder statesman’ at 24

Lorde happy to be an ‘elder statesman’ at 24

Lorde is happy to be an “elder statesman” at the age of just 24.

The ‘Stoned at the Nail Salon’ singer explained she rarely uses social media because she didn’t want to find herself in a position of constantly pursuing “likes” on her posts and after finding herself at a “crossroads”, she concluded she was ready to move forward in her life.

Speaking to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, she said: “I realised I was trying to come up with a funny Instagram caption and do a photo of me that looked cool that I would hope would get a certain amount of likes. It sounds obvious, but that’s cooked.

“For me, I’m not a girl that gets a bunch of likes. I am who I am, and I’ve got to lean into that. I think for the last one I was 21 and still like the kids, and then the culture started to change and I didn’t know that I wanted to change with it. I didn’t know if I wanted to be a TikTok girl, an Instagram Stories girl, and it was a real crossroads.

“I had to be like, ‘Do you want to keep being the kids? Or do you want to transition through that and be something of an elder statesman at 24?’ Which I really feel like I am now, which I love, but it took a minute. I felt a little like, ‘Oh no, I’m the kids?’ ”

The 24-year-old star recently admitted taking a break from social media had been “divine”.

She said: “It’s been divine, I really enjoy it. I’m a shy sensitive person.

“It’s a lot of information, I realise how I was just pummelling myself with headlines and thoughts from other people all day and it didn’t give me much room to have ideas or brainstorm things. I’m very grateful for that now.”

But Lorde admitted there is one drawback to coming off social media – it is now much harder to keep in touch and up-to-date on her friends’ lives.

She added: “The only thing I do think is that I underestimated how much of my friends’ lives I kept up with on Instagram. People don’t really tell you what they’re up to, they just tell everyone via a story. That’s how people stay connected. I really have to make friend dates. I’ve been calendaring people’s birthdays now.”

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