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Lifesaving devices under pressure

Lifesaving devices under pressure

Lifesaving devices under pressure

Vital research is set to get under way into the effectiveness of EpiPens when stored in everyday conditions.

EpiPens are life-saving devices, which inject a measured dose of adrenaline, most often in the treatment of anaphylaxis, which can occur when people have contact with things they are allergic to such as bees.

The “pens” are often kept in everyday places including bags, cupboards, glove boxes and coats.

University of Tasmania researchers are hoping to find out what effect storage temperature has on the efficacy of the EpiPens. Dr Melanie Blackhall says the research team will investigate the impact of storing EpiPens outside the recommended range of 15-30˚C on the effectiveness of the adrenaline in the device.

“People who live off the beaten track – and rely on an EpiPen in the event of an anaphylactic reaction – would want to be sure that it was as efficient as possible,” Blackhall says.

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