How to get the Hair of Your Dreams

Richard Kavanagh shares the secrets to creating the hair of your dreams at home.

No matter what the season is, there’s one look that all of us of desire: tousled “I just woke up like this” hair. But anyone who has ever attempted to recreate slightly unkempt, beachy waves at home, knows it’s easier said than done. However, hair maestro and creative director for Rodney Wayne, Richard Kavanagh says with the right tips and tools it is possible to achieve “done-but-not-too-done” summer hair once you step out of the salon. 


Whether you’re blessed with a lot of thick hair or have finer locks, Kavanagh says there’s one crucial step everyone needs to take before even attempting to style their tresses: drying your hair completely. “A lot of people try to work with hair while it’s still wet,” he explains. “When your hair is wet it’s four times as more fragile.” To avoid unnecessarily damaging your hair, Kavanagh recommends getting it dry as quickly as possible. “Blast your hair dry and then once it’s dry apply styling product. Then you can run your tongs or your tools through it,” he says.


It’s often the quick and easy option to reach for the trusty hair straighteners when trying to create waves, but Kavanagh says it’s one of the biggest mistakes most of us are making. “A lot of women are using hair straighteners to create waves. Hair straighteners were created for straightening hair,” he says. If you’re serious about getting the hair of your dreams, Kavanagh recommends investing in the right tools. “Use the right tools. You get a much more effortless look with a curling wand or wave iron,” he explains. “wave will last longer with a curling iron.”


A generous spritzing of hairspray might seem like the obvious answer when it comes to getting beachy waves to stay in place, but lots of hairspray isn’t the way to go explains Kavanagh.  Kavanagh says his trick for creating beachy, tousled tresses both on and off the runway is simple. “I use a little bit of sea salt spray while hair is still wet, I then dry the hair and add a little bit of dry shampoo to create a little extra grit,” he explains. “Then using the curling wand, I wrap hair around the wand and then brush it out. It creates that easy, undone, I just woke up, slightly sexy look, and it will last all day.” 

Take a look at some of our favourite styling products for achieving the hair of your dreams. 


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