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Wood or plastic? How to choose the right chopping board

Wooden boards have the advantage that they are gentle on kitchen knives - but they must not be put in the dishwasher.

Wood or plastic? How to choose the right chopping board

One chopping board can be used to cut bread, chop herbs and slice fruit, but if you also cook animal products, you need to own at lease one extra board for hygiene reasons.

Wood or plastic? How to choose the right chopping board

For fish and meat you should use a separate board, and preferably one that’s easy to clean and that has a juice rim. A separate board for dicing onions can also prevent unwanted flavouring.

The first two things to look for in a good chopping board is an anti-slip base and a design and material that makes it easy to clean. Remember that oversized boards can be nicer to chop on, but also a pain to clean in the sink and may not fit in the dishwasher.

When it comes to materials, these are the key differences you should consider:

  • Wood: Wooden boards are attractive and gentle on the kitchen knives. But over time, they will be covered in cuts and notches where germs can multiply. Wood is also not dishwasher-proof. After use, the board should be thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned before it is left to dry.
  • Plastic: This material is especially suitable for cutting fruit and vegetables, but also meat and fish. The boards are usually cheap and can be put in the dishwasher, but can easily scratch and should then be replaced.
  • Glass: The surface is hard and not porous, which means cutting will not leave any notches or scratches where germs can propagate. Cleaning is also easy. The only downside is that knives will become blunt much quicker on this rigid surface.
  • Stone: The surface is similarly hard as glass, but not as low maintenance. For example, marble boards have to be washed per hand because the material will get porous and swell up in the dishwasher.
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