How to avoid hosting a messy New Year’s Eve party

Hosting a New Year’s Eve party? Be sure to follow these tips to keep your house clean and the chaos under control.

Prepare for success before the celebration

It may feel like a pain to get the house looking spotless before your party, but it’s a necessary step to keep the mess to a minimum once it’s all over. Plus, you want your house to look great for your guests! Ensure all your bins are empty and freshly lined, have the dishwasher empty and ready to take glassware and tackle any dirty dishes before people arrive. Keep trash bags in plain view in areas where revellers will be, to encourage them to throw their rubbish straight in the bin.

Serve easy-to-prepare finger food

Minimise the number of plates that need washing by opting for platters with finger food. Just ensure there’s enough to go around, so your guests aren’t making an even bigger mess if they get too tipsy! Avoid anything with the potential for spills, such as sauces or dips. Make sure any cutlery or dishes used can go in the dishwasher, or consider using environmentally-friendly recyclables. For drinks, an outdoor bar cart keeps the pouring of alcohol away from any furniture and floors indoors.

Set up your space

If you can’t bear the thought of something being ruined by a spillage, keep it clear of the party area. If you’re concerned about furniture that can’t be moved, reconsider serving red wine or any dark liquors. Have cleaning tools such as stain removers and wipes at the ready should a stain appear that needs to be attended to quickly. Lock doors to areas of the house that you don’t want your guests wandering through. Also, be sure to make use of tablecloths so you can quickly bundle up spills and crumbs at the end of the party.

Try to relax

Don’t ruin your own party for yourself by worrying about mess! You don’t want to be fussing around your guests or disappearing into the kitchen to do dishes all night. But as soon as all your partygoers have left, it’s advisable to get as much cleaned as you can before the hangover kicks in the next day.

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