House Tour: The Multi-Million Dollar Luxury Penthouse in The Heart of Paris

Dripping in gold, this glamorous penthouse brings together luxury and creativity to create a living art-gallery in the heart of Paris. Led by acclaimed design studio Boca do Lobo, this 1450-square-foot apartment was designed as “a place where classic and contemporary come together.”

Owned by a prolific architect who is involved in art dealing, the extravagant multi-million dollar penthouse sits in the heart of Paris and captures the owner’s love for collectable design and desire for a functional workspace that inspires creativity.

“After one meeting we decided that the apartment should be artistic and luxurious, but also functional,” say Boca do Lobo designers. “A space to work but also to leisure.”

The colour palette was the starting off point in the design, selecting white as the key colour in the interior to create a clean and neutral background where everything fits in harmony. White wall mouldings highlight the classical style of the French windows, along with a bold chromatic palette.

A grand entrance with blue tiled sideboards, imagery: Boca do Lobo

Boca do Lobo’s exclusive Heritage Sideboard sits on both sides of the entrance gallery, bringing a brilliant pop of colour to the monochromatic space. Brilliant gold surfaces and furniture pieces dominate the space, exuding the ultimate feeling of luxury. The gilded surfaces are paired with carefully hand-painted tiles and touches of marble.

The living room is surrounded by art pieces collected by the owner, imagery: Boca do Lobo

In the living area, the design team sought to create a space “surrounded by art and romantic sculptures that call back to Ancient Greece to combine classic and contemporary, in an artistic symbiosis.” The studio’s stunning Imperfectio Sofa sits in the centre of the room, a beautiful art piece in itself that also provides comfort and functionality.

From left, black kitchen island and the white dining area, imagery: Boca do Lobo

A mixture of neutral tones is used throughout the dining area, with black and dark brown wood surfaces complementing the gold brass. A dark marble Kitchen Island, a bespoke piece by Boca do Lobo, brings together the luxurious gold touch and minimalistic design.

A massive king bed in the centre of the bedroom, imagery: Boca do Lobo

One of the most challenging spaces in the apartment, the master bedroom was inspired by art pieces from around the world, with a king-size bed taking centre stage. Designed to look like a private spa, the bathroom features a gorgeous green wall and bespoke bathtub by Maison Valentina, along with a marble-covered sauna.

From left, the bathroom vanity and custom bathtub, imagery: Boca do Lobo

Gorgeous Tablescapes to Inspire Your Summer Entertaining

Looking for some outdoor entertaining inspo this summer? We round up our favourite tablescapes for all your backyard dinners, garden parties and evening soirée.

Flowers are a staple in any good tablescape and summer, it’s the perfect time to embrace vibrant floral arrangements. Head out in the garden and pick some colourful flowers like begonias, daisies, sunflowers and calendulas.

Instagram / @thebluebirdbarn

For a touch of modern and minimal simplicity, choose one type of flower in delicate arrangements, paired with muted tableware tones and glassware to make it pop.

Instagram / @the_table_edit

Lemons are a simple and popular choice for many tablescapes. Arrange them down the table with their leaves and a few aromatic candles to create a rustic, Italian-inspired look.

Instagram / @sarahstevensonphoto

If you’re new to tablescape arrangements, sticking with one colour palette is an easy way to impress. This soft lilac palette, with a lush tablecloth, blush pink napkins and delicate flowers is the ultimate dreamy summer tablescape.

Instagram / @tablelovedecor

With stonefruits a plenty, peach tones are great for dressing up your tables – add fresh fruit like plums, nectarines and peaches for the extra finishing touch.

Instagram /

If time isn’t on your side, try a simple bouquet at the centre of the table, with flowers on each plate. Floral tableware and placemats are also great choices for adding a pop of colour in a simpler arrangement.

Instagram / @table2impress

Wow your guests with a big, bold and beautiful bouquet as the table centrepiece.

Instagram / @thestudiooftableware

Gold and blue is another wonderful palette to embrace in summer. A simple cerulean or teal table runner paired with gold cutlery and candlesticks creates the perfect picture of laid-back luxury.

Instagram / @meandgrace