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Your Guide To Modern Etiquette

Your Guide To Modern Etiquette

Don't underestimate the importance of good presentation and first impressions.

Your Guide To Modern Etiquette

Our business and social success still hinges on good presentation in 2018. The way you conduct yourself and communicate alters the impression that others make of you, and can even make – or break – your career. CEO of Sydney School of Protocol, Julie Lamberg-Burnet, shares her top seven tips for mastering modern etiquette.

Be present: pay attention to what is going on, rather than being caught up in your thoughts or looking at your phone. Those around you will feel listened to, respected and valued.

Shake hands: ensure every meeting you attend – local or international, business or social – begins and ends with a firm, confident handshake.

Communicate with care: engage with the same politeness and courtesy you would use for face-to-face communications across all of your phone conversations, emails and social media interactions.

Think networking: present your business card with the text facing towards the recipient so they can easily read it. After a networking opportunity, send the person a friendly email saying you enjoyed your chat.

Exude presence: stand up whenever you meet someone, remember to initiate the handshake and maintain eye contact while talking – this shows confidence like nothing else.

Dine with decorum: impress at the table by placing your cutlery in the ‘rest position’ (knife and fork crossed on the plate) while conversing between bites.

Be a gracious guest: following all social occasions, don’t forget to thank your host with a phone call, email or handwritten note. Remember to RSVP if you are unable to attend.

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