Eichardt’s Private Hotel Launches Exclusive Day Spa

It’s a welcome arrival given guests can now indulge in a soothing apres-ski soak or pampering prep pre-party, essential pastimes during a visit to the resort town.

While there have long been plenty of options dotted about the region, Eichardt’s has upped the calibre of them in a pretty appealing way, with the opening of dedicated in-house spa, The Vault.

The beautifully-appointed hotel has the benefit of being located in the best spot in town, nestled on the lakefront within Queenstown’s shopping district, but the spa is surprisingly removed from the bustle, tucked into the hotel’s chic heritage wing. In fact, the treatment room is located within the building’s former gold vault dating from 1887, hence the name. 

Forming a partnership with local experts Body Sanctum Spa means the hotel is offering a fittingly premium experience, with treatments performed by therapists trained to international standards for hotel guests and spa visitors alike.

Indulgent relaxation appears to be the priority with a number of body treatments and massages of offer, although with a body scrub and manuka honey facial also on offer, there’s enough options to emerge looking sufficiently glowy and radiant too. 

A private lounge means it’s possible to bookend a treatment with a meal, a drink or even high tea, particularly appealing if you’re about to take up one of the spa’s couples options for massage or treatments. 

Book the Eichardt’s Penthouse and the spa experience elevates further with the use of an outdoor hot tub and private sauna.

There’s also a solution to the standard travel day rush, where check out time at the hotel and and check in time at the airport often aren’t conveniently timed together. Instead, check into the spa for up to three hours of treatments and the staff will handle your luggage and transfers.

The Best Juicy New Summer Scents

Juicy and luscious fruit elements remain front and centre when it comes to perfume currently, but many of the new arrivals are careful to pair the freshly-picked notes with additional intriguing elements to offer up something entirely new. 

Each makes an ideal rotation to your fragrance wardrobe with the change of season, with bright, uplifting but pleasingly familiar elements that only get better when released against warm summer skin. 

The fuzzy peach of Tom Ford’s Bitter Peach 50ml EDP, $530 is tempered with boozy rum and cognac notes, so while it’s office-appropriate, it’s just as good for wearing to sunset cocktails on the balcony.

Tangerine and blackcurrant add a fruity intro to a heart of blooming rose in Chloe’s Rose Tangerine 50ml EDT, $125, a sparkling seasonal update of the classic Chloe Eau De Toilette.

Vilhelm Parfumerie’s Mango Skin 50ml EDP, $264, offers a warm and classy summer scent grounded with orris and pepper that’s far more elegant  than you might expect from a fruit-laden scent.

Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy lives on in a range of understated, accessibly priced scents. The newest, Karl Paris 21 Rue Saint-Guillaume 60ml EDP, $49 opens with a burst of mandarin and grapefruit that contrasts with the green freshness of crushed violet leaves and is finished with a lingering trail of soft sandalwood and patchouli. 

There can be no mistaking the intentions of  Dolce & Gabbana’s fruit collection, 150ml EDT, $340 each. The trio of scents are inspired by Sicily, from its renowned orchards to its brightly coloured ceramics and delicious marzipan Frutta di Martonara. Zesty Lemon, sweet Orange, or tangy Pineapple, each is an unmistakable olfactory mood booster.

Blood orange, bergamot and pink pepper make a sprightly opener for Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Orange Soleia, 125ml EDP, $174, one of the light and clean scents in this category.