Deadly Ponies and Their Heavenly New Silk Scarf Collection

If you’re a fan of Deadly Ponies, calmly stop what you’re doing and look over here.

The internationally renowned leather accessories brand, known for challenging traditional notions of design, has done it again. Their latest collection, Silks, is a full scarf collection that personifies this history of beauty and innovation. With beautiful silk scarves featuring archival prints, as well as new designs in new colorways, sizes and fabrications. Designed to wrap around your bag or even tie in your hair – they’re the perfect styling piece (perhaps first equal with your Deadly Ponies leather friend).

The silky edit is launching at the Auckland Art Fair, supporting the emerging artists’ mezzanine floor titled Piki Mai: Up Here^^. Created by Liam, alongside celebrated spatial designer Katie Lockhart, their installation is delicate, inspired, and definitely worth paying a visit. Adding an extra sprinkling of magic is Deb Smith’s Cloud Workshop students, who Bowden has employed the whimsical talents of to create special artworks, integral to the installation.

Visit the installation at the Auckland Art Fair from May 23rd, and shop the collection online today for your own slice of silky paradise.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Enjoy First Outing

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex joined the royal family for The Prince of Wales’ 70th Birthday Patronage Celebration. Held on the grounds of Buckingham Palace, the garden party was hosted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Celebrating the various charities, military affiliations, emergency personnel and patronages The Prince supports, the event marked Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first official engagement as a married couple.

The pair, who put their honeymoon plans on hold to attend the celebration, looked stunning. Meghan wore an elegant beige dress from London label Goat Fashion, with a matching hat and heels.

During the garden party, Prince Harry addressed the crowd to talk about his father’s services. “We are here today to reflect on, and to celebrate, my father’s dedicated support to all of you and the work that you do,” he began.

“His enthusiasm and energy are truly infectious; it has certainly inspired William and I to get involved in issues we care passionately about and to do whatever we can to make a difference. In fact, many of the issues William and I now work on are subjects we were introduced to by our father growing up.  His passion and dedication are remarkable and seeing so many of you here today, I cannot fail but to be in awe of the drive he has had for so many years, to contribute to the enrichment of society both in this country and around the world.”

Prince Harry finished by saying: “So, Pa, while I know that you’ve asked that today not be about you, you must forgive me if I don’t listen to you – much like when I was younger – and instead, I ask everyone here to say a huge thank you to you, for your incredible work over nearly 50 years.” He added that: “You have inspired William and I, and looking out here today, it is clear to see that we are not alone.  You have created an incredible body of work that has, and will continue to make such a huge difference to so many people’s lives both here and around the world.”

All images courtesy of @KensingtonRoyal official.