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Danish 65-year-old women top the happiness scale

Danish 65-year-old women top the happiness scale

Want to find the secret of joy? Danish female retirees hold the key.

Danish 65-year-old women top the happiness scale

A new study by researchers from Eurostat saw Danish women aged 65-74 scoring highest on their happiness scale with a score of 8.6 out of 10.

Some may see this as a no-brainer, after all don’t they eat Danish pastries for breakfast everyday? Here are a few other reasons why they’re smiling:

  • Generous public services, the best pension system worldwide and a world-renowned welfare state means most Danes have it pretty good, despite paying higher taxes than most other countries. This equates to a lower stress level for women who don’t have to worry as much about affording further education for their children, access to healthcare and having a roof over their head.
  • Danish grandmothers aren’t faced with a second career of child-minding, unlike many Australian grandmothers. An ABS study released yesterday found the main form of informal care in Australia comes from Every child in Denmark is guaranteed a place from six-months of age and daycare is 75% state subsidized leaving women to enjoy their free time.
  • Denmark’s 80,000 leisure clubs and associations offer retired women a bevy of options to enjoy their free time. Finding and something you enjoy doing, and having the time for hobbies is a way to joy.

What would you suggest to make us happier in our neck of the woods?

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