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Build your own homemade pamper kit or charming mini garden with Moccona decorated jars

Build your own homemade pamper kit or charming mini garden with Moccona decorated jars

Spoil yourself with a homemade pamper kit or embrace your green thumb with a mini terrarium, take a look at these must-try upcycling ideas.

Build your own homemade pamper kit or charming mini garden with Moccona decorated jars

Feeling creative and what to try your hand at a little upcycling?

Turn your empty Moccona decorated jar into a luxurious pamper kit or a delightful mini garden with these simple guides.

Spa pamper kit

When you feel like you need a little pick-me-up, an at-home spa experience is the way to go.

Creating your own pampering kit is easy with Moccona’s beautiful decorated jars. Keep your pamper jars on hand when you need to unwind, or use them as a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

This divine mix of homemade bath salts is the perfect way to recreate a luxurious spa experience at home.

DIY relaxing bath salts


2 cups Epsom salts
3/4 cup coarse sea salt
1/2 cup baking soda
15-20 drops of essential oils (such as peppermint, sweet orange or lemongrass)
3 tbs of lavender or rose petals


  1. Mix together all ingredients in a large bowl (make sure it is clean).
  2. Store in a Moccona decorated jar.
  3. When ready to use, pour about 1/2 cup into your bath with running water.

Mini garden

Indoor plants have become one of the biggest trends in the past year and with people flocking to the garden centre, there are lots of ways to embrace indoor greenery.

Mini gardens, or terrariums, are an easy choice for any plant lover. With their low-maintenance upkeep, they make a delightful addition to windowsills, shelves and side tables.

Here are our easy steps to making your own mini garden:

  1. Clean your Moccona jar with warm soapy water and dry.
  2. Add some small stones to the bottom.
  3. Fill half of the jar with soil.
  4. Plant your choice of succulents. You could opt for one or a few different mini plants.

Handy tips:

  • Add a layer of activated charcoal under the soil to help prevent bacteria growth.
  • Make sure your plants are small enough to fit in the jar and avoid cramping them together too much.
  • Succulents, air plants, cacti and mosses are great plants for mini terrariums and are easy to take care of. Make sure you read the plant care types carefully so you know how to look after them.

The upcycling ideas are published in good faith and for general information purposes only. Please take care when handling the glass Moccona jars and use third party products in accordance with their instructions.

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