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Be the real you

Be the real you

Editor-in-chief Michael McHugh talks about how we can support each other and ourselves during this time.

Be the real you

Loving someone fully, respecting them and forgiving them for all their faults, is perhaps the most difficult thing.

During this time in our lives, various emotions can flood out at any time during the day, good or bad.

Letting others know how much you really care for them and value them can be the beginning of self-discovery and lead to a better understanding about yourself and those around you.

Respecting each other’s choices and decisions, listening to each other’s ideas, trusting each other and always keeping honesty within relationships can create very strong foundations.

Use this time and make sure you are honest with each other about how you are feeling. Above all, keep talking. Don’t fall into patterns of behaviour that perhaps pigeonhole you into being, talking or acting a certain way.

During this time, make sure you are the person you have always wanted to be and are your real authentic self. No more pretence, no more put-on, no more saying what you think people want to hear.

Talk from the heart; love those around you; and listen to each other. Never stop caring. Sometimes the hardest things to do are the most important.

It’s so crucial right now to listen to yourself. Use this time to reassess things. Ask yourself, ‘How do I really feel about that?’, and just be honest.

Now is the time to be the real you.

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