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Arms race

Arms race

Tone, sculpt and strengthen your arms with these simple exercises – all you need are light hand weights and a good posture for optimum results, MiNDFOOD reports.

Arms race


Strengthens your back and shoulders. With your hands by your sides and your shoulders back, lift the weights until your hands reach your ribcage. Ensure your elbows go no higher than your shoulders. You should feel your shoulder blades coming together in this movement. Lower and repeat 15 times.


Tones and defines your biceps. With your elbows bent and your hands next to your shoulders, push the weights out to the side and straighten your elbows. In a second movement, push your hands up overhead with your hands slightly in front of your head. Lower and repeat 10 times.  


Great to improve upper body strength while toning your triceps. With your knees bent, bend your torso to an almost 45-degree angle. Keep your elbows bent and next to your ribcage. Contract your triceps by straightening your elbows, bringing the weight up slightly above your hips. Lower and repeat 10 times.


Tones and strengthens chest and shoulders. With your feet hip-width apart and core switched on, place your weights on your thighs (palms facing thighs). Lift your arms to shoulder height with your elbows slightly bent and palms facing the floor. Lower and repeat 10 times.

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