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90 year-old tortoise gets new wheels

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90 year-old tortoise gets new wheels

There's no stopping Mrs T the tortoise now with her snazzy set of wheels

90 year-old tortoise gets new wheels

A 90 year-old tortoise has been given a speedy new pair of wheels, following a dreadful attack by a rat.

The ancient tortoise, named Mrs T, is owned by Jude Ryder in Wales. After the grisly discovery of poor old Mrs T’s gnawed off front legs, Ryder first racked up a bill at the vet to no avail before her son, Dave, a mechanical engineer, had the genius idea of fitting Mrs T with some snazzy new wheels.

Now, there’s no stopping Mrs T now.

“It was like fitting her with a turbo charger – she’s going double the speed she used to,” Jude Ryder told The Telegraph. “She uses her back legs to push herself along. She seems quite happy, but it’s difficult to tell with a tortoise.”

For Mrs T, who has another good 50 years in her, life is an adventure once more,

“We were afraid she may have to be put down, but her new set of wheels have saved her life. She has the run of the garden again and we can always find her because she leaves very strange tracks behind wherever she goes,” said Ryder.

Who says the tortoise can’t win the race?



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