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8 Tips for Reducing Skin Ageing

8 Tips for Reducing Skin Ageing

We all love the sun, but harsh UV rays and other environmental factors can leave your skin looking and feeling weathered. Follow these simple tips on how to reduce your skin's ageing process.

8 Tips for Reducing Skin Ageing

How your skin ages will depend on a variety of factors: your lifestyle, diet, heredity, and other personal habits. Our skin is at the mercy of many forces as we age: sun, harsh weather, and bad habits. But we can take steps to help our skin stay supple and fresh-looking. Here are a few tips that The French Facialist, Christine Clais, recommends…

1. Get your skin assessed regularly by a skin specialist who can select the right skincare prescription for your skin type and condition

2. Stay away from the sun and/or use sunscreen daily to prevent photoaging from occurring

3. Exercise daily to improve blood circulation to your skin

4. Sleep well so as to allow your skin to repair and regenerate

5. Drink plenty of water to keep your system well flushed of toxins and wastes

6. Reduce your consumption of sugar, as it negatively impacts on the collagen and elastin fibres in your skin

7. Eat a diet rich in omega-3 (to be found in foods such as broccoli, salmon and sardines)

8. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, preferably raw, as they contain a lot of anti-oxidants and other nutrients that can either prevent or repair skin damage

Tips provided by Christine Clais – The French Facialist 

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