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6 must-see Doc Edge films to stream during lockdown

6 must-see Doc Edge films to stream during lockdown

To help New Zealand get through the latest round of COVID restrictions and lockdowns, Doc Edge has returned with a selection of films from this year's festival.

6 must-see Doc Edge films to stream during lockdown

The films will be available on demand until Level 3 is lifted in Auckland, at midnight on Sunday 30 August.

Feature films are only $11 each, can be rented for 48 hours and all short films are free to stream.

We take a look at some of the must-see films that are currently available in the Doc Edge treasure trove.

Mr Toilet

Jack Sim is not your typical businessman. Known as ‘Mr Toilet’, he’s on a mission to bring safe sanitisation to millions of people around the world.

Eccentric, full of jokes and passionate about his mission, Jack Sim was born in the Singapore slums and knows first-hand the struggles of not having a safe place to go to the toilet.

Charming, heartfelt and eye-opening, Mr Toilet shines a light on an unspoken global crisis, following Jack as he embarks on a monumental project: to secure 6 million toilets for India.

Watch the trailer here.

Acasă, My Home

For 20 years, the Enache family have lived in the wilderness of the Bucharest Delta. Talks of transforming the Bucharest Delta into a national park have been happening for years and when those plans come to fruition, the Enaches will be evicted and forced to join a society they have long rejected.

Acasă, My Home is a beautiful, vivid and poignant portrayal of a family with their roots in the wilderness, following their struggles as they’re forced into the concrete jungle.

With detailed care, Director Radu Ciorniciuc and cinematographer Mircea Topoleanu take an observational approach, bringing a powerful storytelling lens to the film, which won them a Special Jury Award for Cinematography at Sundance.

Watch the trailer here. 

I Want to Give My Brain to Richard Faull

30 years ago, Brently Ford’s life changed forever. Recently divorced, he joined an open day at the Centre for Brain Research in Auckland, led by renowned Kiwi neurologist Sir Richard Faull.

Swept up in the enthusiasm, Ford made it his mission to ensure his brain is donated to Faull when he passed away. 

But, there’s one problem: the optimal time for Faull to receive a brain is within 5 hours of death. Ford lives alone and if he were to die in his sleep, his brain could be left for 12 hours before someone found him.

So, Ford decided to come up with a clever solution: to log his activity every day.

Directed by BAFTA award-winner Folko Boermans, this film is a beautiful, charming and heartwarming story of one man and the legacy he wants to leave behind.

Watch the trailer here. 

Ruahine: Stories In Her Skin

Beautifully lyrical and intimate, Ruahine: Stories In Her Skin follows the ceremony of two women receiving their traditional moko kauae.

For Māori women, the ceremony is a visual assertion of their birthright and identity, while celebrating the spiritual power of their ancestry.

Director Hiona Henare brings us into an uninhibited experience, filled with traditional songs and stories.

Watch the trailer here. 

Picture Character

Picture Character takes a deep-dive into one of the modern world’s biggest phenomenons: emojis.

From their humble beginnings in Japan, to the emergence of a new digital language, directors Martha Shane and Ian Cheney shine a light on the complex, conflict-prone and often hilarious world of this emerging visual language.

Watch the trailer here.

Who Let The Dogs Out

What started a simple trip to the New York public library for comedian Ben Sisto led to an eight year investigation into the origins of the song “Who Let The Dogs Out”.

This wildly funny and bizarre trip delves into the controversial origin story of the Baha Men’s smash hit.

Join Sisto as he falls deeper down the rabbit hole, leading him to a twisted tale of legal battles, artistic integrity and the show business.

Watch the trailer here.


Check out the full programme of Doc Edge features on demand here:

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