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6 festive tricks to avoid overindulging this Christmas

6 festive tricks to avoid overindulging this Christmas

6 festive tricks to avoid overindulging this Christmas

It’s so easy to overindulge in the festive season. The time of year to let your hair down and celebrate with good friends, food and drink. But, if you don’t want to feel more stuffed than the turkey does, here are some tips to keep you feeling good.

Use the small plates

Research from the University of Cambridge shows that the larger the plate, the more food is eaten. Even people who keep an eye on what they eat were susceptible to consume more if bigger portions were offered, the study found. Dr Gareth Hollands, of Cambridge’s Behaviour and Health Research Unit, who co-led the study said that if people were exposed to smaller portions their food consumption could be cut by up to 16 per cent.

Opt for tall, skinny glasses

A study by Brian Wansink, a US professor in consumer behaviour and nutritional science, found that people pour 20–30% more alcohol into wide, short tumblers than tall slender glasses holding the same volume.

Don’t go hungry

Have something healthy to eat before you go to a party so you don’t arrive starving and head straight to the deep-fried canapes.

Eat slowly

Eating slowly is not only good for your digestion, but it takes about 15-20 minutes for your body to register that you are full. Put your fork down in between bites, and really savour the flavour.

Stay hydrated

When you are busy it’s easy to forget the basics, like drinking water. It’s easy to overeat when you mistake hunger for thirst, so make sure you have a drink bottle with you at all times and keep sipping.

Avoid sugar-laden mixers

You may be surprised (and disappointed) to learn that tonic water has as much sugar as soft drinks, so to keep your sugar levels in check. Look for a sugar-free variety or move to soda or mineral water. Try this Sugar-free Orange & Raspberry G&T recipe.

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