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5 tips for becoming a better baker

5 tips for becoming a better baker

5 tips for becoming a better baker

Australian MasterChef runner up, and Pyrex ambassador, Georgia Barnes is the first to admit baking isn’t easy – it’s an exact science that takes practice. However, everyone can perfect their baking with a few simple tricks she says.

1. Get organised: “Thinking ahead makes all the difference, especially if you’re starting out. Select a recipe and read it thoroughly first up. Then make sure you’ve got the right equipment, you’ve bought all the ingredients and you’ve got enough time in your day to knock it over from start to finish,” Barnes says.

2. Choose premium bakeware: Barnes says that good quality bakeware is everything and makes the world of difference to the finished product. “No matter what you’re creating, if you don’t choose the best foundations for the job, there’s a good chance it’s not going to work out well.” She says that selecting premium bakeware will ensure ingredients are cooked evenly, no burnt bottoms and nice, neat edges. “Not to mention the longevity of your bakeware and they’re so much easier to clean.”

3. Measure it: “Baking really signifies cooking is a science. Certain recipes just won’t work if you add too much or too little ingredients. My grandma, Mama, who taught me how to cook was so adamant about this – baking without scales or measuring cups was a complete no-no. Not following a recipe is up there with attempting to build flat-pack furniture without the instructions.”

4. Take your time: “Baking loves patience. Unfortunately, certain processes can’t be rushed. If something says, ‘fold’, take your time folding it properly with a spatula. If something says, ‘rest’ let it rest for as long as it needs.”

5. Enjoy yourself: “I think this will help you more than anything else when it comes to baking. Choose something that reminds you of your childhood, give the gift of giving with baked goods or step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself with a quirky recipe.”

If you are looking for some baking inspiration, you could try our delectable Lemon Louise Cake.

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