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30-year-old man dies after visit to chiropractor

30-year-old man dies after visit to chiropractor

The mother of a 30-year-old man is in disbelief after his son suffered a stroke during a routine trip to the chiropractor.

30-year-old man dies after visit to chiropractor

Jeremy Youngblood was visiting the chiropractor’s for a neck readjustment when he suffered a stroke.

He was rushed to the emergency room before being flown to another hospital 6 hours later where he eventually died.

According to reports, the chiropractor’s office called Youngblood’s family, not 911, when the 30-year-old suffered the stroke.

“This is something a mother will never get over, I will never ever get over it. I cry every day. It’s with me every day. It’s never going to go away,” Jeremy’s mother, Linda, told Oklahoma’s News Channel 4.

An autopsy concluded that Youngblood died due to “acute cerebellar infarction” following the manipulation of his neck.

According to Oklahoma’s News Channel 4, the Oklahoma Chiropractors Association issued the following statement following the death.

The Oklahoma Chiropractors Association wishes to express its deepest condolences to the family of Jeremy Youngblood. The loss or harm of any patient is a very disturbing circumstance that medical professionals have struggled with throughout history.   Unfortunately, there is no single form of medical care without risks.

Oklahoma Chiropractors are proud to provide thousands of Oklahoman’s drug free medical care daily. The safety of chiropractic care is evident by the lowest medical malpractice insurance rates of any licensed medical profession.


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