Back-to-work beauty

By Milly Nolan

Forget coffee, I need my Trilogy Botanical Body Wash to wake up in the morning, Milly Nolan blog on MiNDFOOD.

After enjoying a relaxing summer holiday, where I did very little other than move from a shady spot under the tree to the sea and back again, it is needless to say that sitting at a desk and in front of a computer, actually having to use my brain, has been a shock to the system. Even more disturbing has been waking up to the dreadful sound of an alarm clock each morning.

However, one thing I can honestly say has helped me ease back into a normal daily routine (it’s amazing how quickly I had forgotten that routine) has been showering with my absolute favourite shower gel – Trilogy’s Botanical Body Wash. I purposefully left it behind while I was on holiday because for me this all-natural body wash is a symbol of a great start to my working day.

Made from pure plant extracts and non-drying cleansers, I rely on it Monday to Friday for its delicious scent that becomes stronger as it foams – reaching my nostrils and awakening my senses as coffee must do for some (I’m a tea drinker).

With Kawa Kawa extract from New Zealand’s native pepper tree, it’s no wonder that I feel invigorated and revived while simultaneously soothed by the calming cucumber, chamomile and lavender properties.

Perhaps you are thinking that my brain must have been left at the beach to love a shower gel so much, but I insist that by the time I step out of the shower, not only am I squeaky clean and smelling good but I am awake and ready to face the day. At least until my next beach holiday anyway.

Trilogy Botanical Body Wash, RRP $26.


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