Magic Restroom Cafe makes meal out of toilet humour

By Mariam Digges

Magic Restroom Cafe makes meal out of toilet humour

Do you enjoy your bathroom time? Like to take books in with you and really make the most of it? Why not take a sandwich in too?

This uncouth rationale formed the stimulus for L.A’s Magic Restroom Café, a lavatory-based restaurant that has been fitted out with toilet seats and bathroom tiles. The foyer has urinals lined on one side, complete with plungers, and more toilets on the other.


The menu at this classy establishment is everything you could imagined and more: ‘black poop’ (chocolate sundae), ‘smells-like-poop; (braised pork over rice) and of course, the uncomfortable ‘constipation’ (zha jiang mian or a Chinese fried noodle dish), or why not try the bashfully sweet ‘bloody number two’ (vanilla-strawberry sundae). The dishes all arrive in mini toilet-bowls, naturally.


Magic Restroom Cafe owner YoYo Li based his novelty restaurant on the wildly successful Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan, which has since expanded to mainland China.

But for all its kitsch and kookiness, it seems the US weren’t yet ready for eating in such ‘crappy’ surrounds, despite the Asian themed menu receiving decent reviews. The Magic Restroom Café shut down last month.

Its fate breathes new life into the old adage that we do in fact eat with our eyes first. And there’s nothing appetising about a beef curry arriving in a faux mini toilet.


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