When time is of the essence

By Bobbi Brown

MiNDFOOD's Beauty Columnist Bobbi Brown shares her wisdom about getting ready and looking great in the time you have available.

Modern beauty style is about being flexible, easy and ever changing – think of make-up as a way to change your look to fit your mood or the occasion.

Here are three make-up routines that will always have you looking your best.


1. Concealer under your eyes to cover dark circles.

2. Tinted moisturiser or stick foundation around your nose where there’s redness.

3. A coat of brown or black mascara if you’re fair (you can skip this if you have 
dark lashes).

4. Cream blush stick on the apples of your cheeks.

5. Lip balm or gloss.


Ten minutes is all you need 
to create a polished look. 
It’s a full face of make-up but it’s unbelievably quick.

1. Concealer on dark circles under your eyes.

2. Foundation.

3. Sheer face powder to set 
the concealer.

4. Eye shadow toned to your natural hair colour to shape and define your eyebrows (use an eyebrow brush for the most natural look).

5. Light eye shadow all over your eyelids; medium eye shadow on the lower lid; 
a dark eye shadow for lining; and one or two coats of 
black mascara.

6. Neutral blush layered with a brighter shade of blush.

7. Lipstick and gloss.


Getting dressed up for a special event isn’t about piling on more of your everyday make-up. It’s about choosing cooler colours, playing with textures and adding definition.

1. Same concealer, foundation and powder as the 10-minute make-up routine.

2. Eye shadow and/or pencil to define your eyebrows.

3. Shimmery eye shadow for easy glamour.

4. Medium eye shadow colour smudged in the crease of your eyelid to contour.

5. Charcoal or black eyeliner on your upper and lower 
lash lines.

6. Two coats of black mascara (if you have a steady hand, also try individual false lashes on the outer corners of your upper lash line).

7. Shimmer dusted on 
your cheeks over your 
regular blush.

8. Lipstick with lip liner for added definition and to keep the colour from feathering, finished with a layer of gloss.


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