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Define the eyes

Define the eyes

Latest beauty blog: Natural-looking make-up tips for eyes that have lost their definition and eyelids that are crepey, by MiNDFOOD's Bobbi Brown.

Define the eyes


I was in my forties when I really began to notice changes around my eyes. Up until that point, I had always kept my eye makeup pretty minimal.

But I realised that now I had to use liner daily in order to give my eyes back the definition they no longer had.


Eyeliner is the most effective way to add definition to eyes. Choose a dark liner shade like mahogany, navy, forest green, or black.

Start on the upper lid and be sure to apply liner as close to the base of lashes as possible. Work from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner.

After lining your upper lash line, look straight into the mirror to check your work. The liner should be thick enough to be visible when your eyes are wide open.

If you want to, you can line the lower lash line as well; use the same liner colour that you applied on the upper lash line, or go one shade lighter for a softer, yet still defined look. Make sure that both lines meet at the outer corner.

A deeper medium tone of shadow is optional for those of us who need extra definition. Apply the medium shade on the lower lid from the lash line to three-quarters of the way up.

Two to three coats of a very black mascara will also do wonders to make the eyes stand out.


Crepey skin around the eye area is the result of ageing, too much sun exposure, and genetics. Get in the habit of wearing sunglasses when you’re outdoors.

And don’t worry, there’s help.


Before applying any eye makeup, press face powder (use a velour puff) on your lids to help create a smoother-looking surface.

Don’t apply foundation to lids – this will cause the eye shadow to cake, exaggerating the crepeyness. Steer clear of shimmery eye shadow formulas, as they reflect light and draw attention to less-than-smooth lids.

Cream shadow will work as long as the formula is not too greasy and not too drying. Your best bet is to pick soft matte shadows in light to medium tones of nude, brown, gray and lavender.


Black liner is a big secret to gorgeous, sexy eyes – even for women who like the natural makeup look. Layer black liner on top of your normal liner (just on the upper lash line). Brush on two coats of black mascara and you’ll really see a difference.

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