Kasa Bowl Treatment at East Day Spa

By Milly Nolan

The metal Kasa Bowl adds an extra dimension to reflexology treatments of which I'm a huge fan, MiNDFOOD reports.

Armed only with the knowledge I was having a “foot” treatment at the East Day Spa at the Sky City Grand hotel in Auckland, I was surprised when I was asked to make myself comfortable lying face down on the massage table, rather that sitting upright in a chair. Not that I was complaining – after sitting at a desk all day the chance to lie down was warmly welcomed! And what a lovely treatment it was.

The therapist began by cleansing my feet and then gently massaging each foot one-by-one, working on my reflexology points. By the time she introduced the Kasa bowl I was so relaxed that I was finding it hard to stay awake and concentrate on what she was doing.

The Kasa bowl is a bronze bowl made mainly of two metals – copper being the major component and tin being the minor. The Kasa bowl is traditionally used for massaging the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands in Ayurvedic reflexology treatments. The conductivity of the metal interacts with the energy field of the body and assists in removing toxins from the body and energising the soul.

The small, well oiled bowl felt like a smooth stone as it was gently moved around the soles of my feet in light stroking circular motions. The action of the bowl was profoundly relaxing and calming (I couldn’t help but nodding off) and added an extra dimension to the whole reflexology procedure of which I am a huge fan.

I had to be woken by the therapist at the end of this treatment and afterwards, although I felt soothed and calm I also felt rather zapped of energy, which was an indication that toxins in my body had been stirred and were on their way out. I was relieved to be spending a night on the couch afterwards. And due to all the attention that my feet had received (they had also been scrubbed and spritzed while I was sleeping), they were incredibly soft and smooth to touch, which is always a bonus. This “foot” treatment well exceeded all expectations.

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