INOA: A slice of luxury

By Milly Nolan

For me a trip to the hairdresser for a cut and colour is a small slice of luxury. I’m left with little choice but to relax for a few hours.

A trip to the hair salon is the perfect excuse to sit and read magazines from cover to cover without worrying about the million-and-one things that I probably should be doing. And really, who in their right mind doesn’t enjoy having their head massaged at the basin? Then of course there is the reason you came to the hairdresser in the first place – to walk out with a new hairdo that makes you feel and look a million dollars.

The only thing, however, that ever distracts from this pleasurable experience, is the overwhelming smell of the hair dye that lingers in the salon and overwhelms when being applied to your own head.

Along with the smell, the other detrimental thing about hair dye is that it often stings my scalp. In fact, I’ve even experienced a complete numbing of my whole head before. Luckily, the numbness receded after ten minutes but I’ve since found out that this kind of allergic reaction to hair dye is not uncommon.

The reason for both the ghastly smell and the frequency of a minor sensory reaction is due to the presence of ammonia, a common ingredient in almost all hair dyes. This strong chemical is also the reason why coloured hair can become brittle, dry and damaged after too much colouring.

So you can imagine when L’Oreal announced the arrival of INOA – a revolutionary, ammonia-free permanent hair colour – it was meet with elation by both hair stylists and the public alike.

Although INOA has absolutely no ammonia in it, it still provides the same perfect colour results, just without the smell and the discomfort.

When I went to trial INOA at Bettjeman’s hair salon in Auckland, I was amazed to find that the dye was completely odourless and that afterwards my hair looked just as it would have if normal hair dye had been used, but better still, it was abnormally shiny. One of the benefits of INOA is it is more gentle on the hair fibre (in comparison to ammonia-based hair colour), resulting in your hair becoming healthier, softer, smoother and more glossy.  INOA allows hair to be lightened up to three levels, darkened to any shade and it also perfectly covers white hair.

So now that there is INOA, my time spent at the hairdressers really will be a treat – no smell, no stinging – just two hours of compulsory ‘time out’.


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