Infrared Body Wrap experience

By Milly Nolan

Although I felt exhausted immediately after my Infrared Body Wrap at Herne Bay Wellbeing, the next day I woke up full of energy with a spring in my step, on MiNDFOOD.

Lying down and relaxing while you lose weight certainly does sound too good to be true, but “far” or “long wave-length” infrared technology has, to an extent, made this possible.

When infrared heat is transmitted through bandages wrapped around the body, this gently induces sweat and speeds up the metabolism. Within a 50 minute treatment, you can burn between 900 and 1500 calories, which is the equivalent of going for a three-hour run! Plus, the treatment also helps reduce cellulite, detoxify the body and help combat fluid retention. Sounding like my cup of tea, I put the treatment to the test at Herne Bay Wellbeing, in Auckland and was not disappointed.

Dressed in my own cotton pyjamas (which I was instructed to bring), I was told to lie down on the massage bed while the therapist, Nadine, wrapped silicon bandages around my stomach, buttocks and calves and then placed heavy pads around them (which the heat is transmitted through). At first, I felt quite panicky as the pads were very heavy and restricting and I felt almost claustrophobic at the realisation that I couldn’t sit up or get off the table that easily, should I wish to.

And then as I started to heat up, I felt even more apprehensive and visions of a rotisserie chicken came to mind! I relaxed once I realised that I wasn’t actually cooking and that the heating process was very gradual. The idea behind it is to induce sweat, similar to how the body would react during intense exercise, therefore speeding up the metabolism, burning calories and melting fat.

Nadine stayed with me for the majority of the treatment ensuring that I was comfortable and so she could place towels in the areas where I had “hot spots”. Sleepy from the heat, my eyelids soon got the better of me and I slept for the remainder of the treatment. Some people read, listen to music or even do work while they lie there.

After the 50 minutes was up, my PJs were damp with sweat, yet strangely my make-up and hair was still in tact. I could have easily gone out in public afterwards had it not been for the overwhelming tiredness I suddenly felt. Nadine explained that this was because the toxins in my body had been stirred up and were fighting to get out of my system through the lymph nodes.

Basically, the more toxins you have, the more tired you will be, whereas if you feel energised afterwards, it means you are in good nick. I obviously was rather unhealthy because all I could do that evening was sit on the couch like a sack of potatoes. I had no energy whatsoever and was so incredibly thirsty despite having drunk a lot of water during the treatment. This signified that I was obviously dehydrated.

The best part, however, came the next day when I woke up feeling full of energy with a spring in my step. It is recommended that you have a course of treatments, six at least, and while I haven’t gone back yet, I’m looking forward to my next treatment already.


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