The benefits of hot stone massage

By Clare Dickens

For many, massage is a treatment which requires no introduction. The benefits of touch are plentiful, so why add hot stones to your relaxation routine? MiNDFOOD reports.

How does it work?

The stones are basalt rocks of various sizes, shapes and weights which are rich in iron and therefore retain the heat gained from being steeped in hot water prior to application. These rocks have spent years at the bottom of rivers being formed into perfectly smooth. When used in massage treatments, the stones become an extension of the therapist’s hands to deliver an intensive muscle massage at a pressure level comfortable to the client.

Stone placements are also an integral part of a traditional treatment. Stones and pebbles are sited in specific points along the spine, in the palms of your hands and even between the toes to impart heat and balance the flow of energy in the body. This step takes place simultaneously to the massage sequence.

The entire body is treated from the soles of the feet to the scalp, and the result is a deep state of relaxation. For longer lasting results organise someone to collect you afterwards, snoring and dribbling are common side effects!

Who should experience a Hot Stone Massage?

The hardness of the stones makes for a deep tissue massage. It is ideal for those who have deep tension build up but find sports or deep tissue massage uncomfortable.

A stone treatment is perfect for those with poor circulation, cold feet, tense muscles, dry and dehydrated skin and those wishing they had booked a winter break.

What are the benefits?

The list is endless but these are the top ten:

1.    De-stressing – calms the nervous system and reducing anxiety

2.    Stimulates the circulatory system

3.    Relieves sore muscles

4.    Creates a sense of comfort and warmth

5.    Detoxifying

6.    Promotes deep relaxation

7.    Improves skin appearance

8.    Encourages total well being

9.    Improves sleep

10.  Rejuvenating

What is the treatment time?

Allow for 90 minutes of pure bliss

So, If you are in need of a potent recharge at the end of the winter add a hot stone massage to your list of things to do. I guarantee you will make it a regular feature.


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