Good hair day… week… life

By Liz Hancock

Good hair day… week… life

I have long been a fan of truly natural hair care. Personally I’ve always avoided silicones like dimethicone which I find turn my fine hair into a bomb of static (as well as being on my environmental no-go list because they’re not biodegradable). Additionally I avoid hair products with artificial fragrances and colours because they flare up my already sensitive scalp. Instead I look for gentle oils like avocado, argan and shea butter.

The result I find is ultra soft and shiny hair that requires minimal styling because of its condition. It turns out I’m not alone in my devotion to clean hair care. I was chatting to our friends at ecostore the other day, and they told me they’ve been getting similar feedback about their hair care range, which re-launched last year and has been going great guns ever since.

This fantastic Kiwi company rates as one of my top five for their clever formulations with kind ingredients, and true commitment to sustainability. They recently surveyed 2,582 people, and asked them how they felt after using ecostore hair care.

An amazing nine out of 10 said they would recommend the products to their friends, and a whopping 95% think ecostore performs the same or better than their previous shampoo.

Surprisingly 26% of survey participants still weren’t aware that some shampoo and conditioners contain potentially harmful chemicals. For me, I love the fact that natural hair care like ecostore’s doesn’t contain ingredients that are damaging to my health, the planet or the look and feel of my hair.

When I’m choosing hair care, I opt for low-surfactant shampoos that are free from high-foaming ingredients like sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate and cocamidopropyl betaine – known to irritate the skin and eyes. I also avoid parabens because of their concerns over hormone disruption, and because they are by-products of the oil industry.

ecostore has pointed out another ingredient with toxicity concerns that’s also on their no-go list: cocamide DEA/MEA which they say is used to create foam and has concerns over carcinogenicity.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the chemicals to avoid in your hair and body care, visit, and the Environmental Working Group website,


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