Good green oil

By Carolyn Enting

Good green oil

Liquid green gold runs fresh from the olive press at Simunovich Olive Estate and into my waiting tasting glass.

The smell and taste is fresh, green, grassy and pure – a shot of extra virgin green goodness pressed from Frantoio olives harvested just metres away.

Frantoio is one of the main olive varieties on the estate which has more than 40,000 trees first planted in 1999.

As table oils go, Simunovich’s Frantoio is hard to beat on flavour, quality and purity. Because it’s processed entirely on the estate it means complete quality control from picking to packaging. The olives are picked at just the right time for flavour and colour and then processed using “closed” equipment which means the pulp and oils are not exposed to air and therefore do not begin to oxidise before packaging.

All Simunovich Olive Estate oils are cold pressed which provides the intensity of flavours as well as nutritional benefits. The table oil is divine for dipping or drizzling over hot potatoes, green salads and pasta, but also good to drink straight.

Studies have shown that people who consumed two tablespoons of virgin oil olive daily for one week showed less oxidation of LDL cholesterol and higher levels of antioxidant compounds in the blood. Taken frequently, the oil can also lower the incidence of gallstone formation. And it’s a great supply of vitamins A, K, D and E. Olive oil is also good for the skin which is why Simunovich formulates and produces its own ranges of skincare – Olive and Tebe ­– the production of which is also onsite.

Olive oil assists the skin’s ability to naturally regenerate and nourishes hydrates and protects the skin. It is high in oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid known for its moisturising properties. Used for centuries as an emollient for conditioning and softening the skin olive is highly nutritive and contains protein, minerals, vitamins in addition to having antioxidant values.

The oil contained in Olive and Tebe products is piped directly from the tanks to the bottler within Simunovich’s state of the art laboratory


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