Hair, style and feeling good

By Julianne Liebeck

For Julianne Liebeck's inaugural hair blog, she considers why self-maintenance is seen as a luxury rather than a necessity as it is for European women.

In these times of global warming, recession and waning moral one has to wonder whether a bad hair day really compares, in my opinion the answer is yes.

There is satisfaction in knowing you are looking stunning. Dressing up for a special occasion usually inspires most to get their hair done, have the brows shaped, legs waxed, and maybe even splash out on a new dress – I call this the coiffured look. 

I love seeing woman who know they look good, they walk differently with heads held high and with an extra bounce in their step.

Some women simply spend time on their appearance so that walking past a mirror or window is not a threat, but I must admit I am a total sucker for attention.  It is another pastime entirely to dedicate yourself to looking good for others. But it’s worth the effort for an occasional compliment to boost our confidence.

European woman have known this since the beginning of time and what we call luxury pampering they call a necessity.  This is why they always look so well groomed, because they invest in themselves. And in particular, they invest in their hair as much as they their clothing because what is the point in owning a great dress if your hair is not at the same level?

My advice to you is:  Invest in your hair first, if you get this step right the rest will follow. Become the girl with the great hair.

Here is a tip: The number one rule for maintaining great hair is develop a good relationship with your stylist.

1.    You need to access your stylist’s knowledge.  It is important they share their knowledge with you by telling you, or showing you, beautiful looks.

2.     Find out if they follow international trends.

3.    Consider whether they are using the latest techniques and how often they update their skills.

4.    Make sure you work with your stylist to maintain nourished and moisturized hair whatever the season.  

Make your consultation with your stylist your most animated conversation of the day. Enjoy the divine coffee, air freighted magazines and head massage and effortless style will surely follow.

So let’s keep it current, let’s keep it gorgeous, get yourself coiffured and let’s keep talking.


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