Zimmermann’s glamour goddesses

Glamorous dinner parties in suburban Sydney inspired Zimmermann’s autumn/winter 2015 collection ‘The Esplanade’ previewed at New York Fashion Week this week.

Designer Nicky Zimmermann drew on vivid childhood memories for her inspiration.

“I have vivid memories of growing up in suburban Sydney and my parents hosting, what I thought at the time, were very glamorous dinner parties. It was less about the clothes and the setting, and maybe more about that feeling of excitement and sense of occasion, which created a starting point for the collection,” Zimmermann said.

The collections dynamic colour palette was influenced from various interiors references of the 60s.

Karen Walker ‘Time Machine’

Time-travel series Sapphire & Steel was the jumping off point for Karen Walker’s autumn/winter 2015 collection shown at New York Fashion Week today.

It was an ode to the tough 70s sci-fi detective, Sapphire, played by Joanna Lumley.

Walker says that as a child she watched the series in awe as “Sapphire guarded the order and integrity of time, all while being a beacon of chic”.

Key collection highlights include a time-warped floral and a stained-glass clock print, utilitarian denim, shearling, chunky knitwear and footwear with a generous rubber tread, perfect for time-travelling.