Zimmerman Resort 2016 Collection

Here are our picks of the recently released Zimmerman Resort 2016 Collection, which is equal parts dreamy and bohemian feminine. The floaty, iconic cuts and earthy, raw textures are inspired by the patterns of traditional Turkish rugs. Combining soft ruffles, scalloped edges, embroidered organza and belted waists, this collection has everything and more to satisfy our lusting of promised holidays and warmer seasons.

Summer, we’re coming for you!

Lookbook: Stow Lockets

Introducing a stylish, petite collection of lockets and charms, finely handcrafted from solid sterling silver, solid gold and rose gold, faceted gemstones and pearls. Stowed safe and close to your heart, a locket filled with precious charms captures your story, life and dreams. Be a part of our beautiful story – #stowmystory


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