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Woman’s love note leads to meeting with handsome stranger

Woman’s love note leads to meeting with handsome stranger

#LoveStory trends worldwide, after backpacker creates poster to find a man she spotted playing with his dog on a New Zealand beach

Woman’s love note leads to meeting with handsome stranger

1.This is the story of a boy and a girl, meeting the old fashioned way and charming the Internet in the process. Not via Tinder or an online dating site, but thanks to a simple poster created by a plucky young backpacker who liked what she saw and went for it.


‘I’m in town for 1 night only… But let’s see how things go… On the off-chance you are single, remember who I am and would like to meet for a drink/coffee/walk,” she wrote

“’I’ll be sitting on the grass, watching the sea from 1-1.30pm onwards on Tuesday… Maybe you’ll run past again?!?’

The charming handmade poster featuring a picture of the object of her affections – a mystery star-tattooed man playing with his ‘curly, bouncy, blonde’ dog, and an invitation to meet when she was back in town hit a romantic nerve worldwide.


On the reverse was a plea to leave the love note up, until the meeting time had passed.

‘I will, on my return to Picton on Tuesday, remove it myself… Whatever the ending may be. Thank you!’

Screen shot 2015-03-04 at 3.38.31 PM

Enter Picton’s Beachcomber Cruises who played Cupid by uploading photos of the signs to their Facebook Page, reaching over 13,000 views including the poster’s target, Will Scott Charmers who replied in the affirmative.

“It would be really rude if I was the talk of the town and didn’t show up,”Will said. “I’d go from being famous in Picton to being the most hated person, just like that.”


As the meeting time drew near, an excited crowd gathered on the picturesque foreshore as Will arrived with wine in hand and approached the love note’s author, Glaswegian backpacker and artist Sarah Milne.

‘Let’s go somewhere and have a drink away from everyone,’ he told her, as the crowd clapped and cheered.


So did the fairy-tale have a happy ending, I hear you ask? A drink turned into dinner and dinner into an invitation by Will for Sarah to stay with him for a week, which she accepted.


Will has promised to keep everyone informed of their relationship’s progress.

So, will this  inspire a spate of copycat love notes? We’ll have to wait and see. 

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