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What men think about the male contraceptive pill

What men think about the male contraceptive pill

A non-hormonal, male contraceptive, is currently being developed and people are predicting that it’ll change our relationships dramatically.

It’s the first male contraceptive since the condom and should be available from 2018-2020.

While many refer to the birth control method as a ‘pill’, Vasalgel is in fact a polymer gel that’s injected into the sperm carrying tubes. It works by preventing sperm from flowing through these tubes and should be reversible through another injection.

It’s been estimated that one injection could last for almost a decade. Human medical trials are starting next year and then we should expect more accurate results.

Questions have been raised as to whether men would actually have the injection. This style of contraception has only been available for women before and some are debating whether men would consider the pill or if some could be ‘trusted’ to be honest about it with partners.

However, a recent survey has shown that 86% of men would try the injection as a form of birth control if and when it’s readily available.

In relation to trust and male attitudes, a British newspaper asked men how they felt about contraception and the future of male birth control.

With responses like, ‘I wish contraception was more equal’ and ‘When can I take the male pill?’, perhaps when the pill is ready to go in 2018, men will be keen to get involved.

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