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What a bunch of PAWS-ers!

What a bunch of PAWS-ers!

Self-taught pet photographer Elke Vogelsang takes fantastically unique and expressive pictures of her furry friends.

In a series of shoots, she’s really captured the excitable and bouncy personalities of dogs whilst in others, she’s focussed on their more serious side.

Her favourite subjects by far are her rescue pups, Ioli, Scout and Noodles. “They are my inspiration and joy. One can not ask for better animal companions. I am very grateful that I have them.” Elke writes.

Not only are the dogs her muses but they also helped to save her husband’s life when he suffered from a sudden brain haemorrhage a few years ago. “The dogs were the ones who found him in time, so he could be saved,” she shared. ‘They heard that something was wrong and raised the alarm.”

Vogelsang hopes that her work will encourage the public to see the beauty in rescue dogs, who are so often left by the sidelines in favour of more saleable puppies. The work that exhibits these dogs and puts forward their personalities is so important in bringing to life just how amazing these animals are – and how they need to be loved just like every other family pet.

We love her work and can’t wait to see more from this incredible photographer. Which one is your favourite?

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